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Sick nation

Having forced myself to read rashist comments about Slepakov's amazing "Lullaby", I now did the same for the film "Navalny" - vile, hateful, mean, cynical, Nazi, Great Russian and obscene opinions.
You can not hang labels on the whole nation.
But still, but still, but still, but still...
After all, when some organ of the body is sick, we say - the body is sick.
Then, when a large part of the nation are people sick with their intellect and mentality -
chauvinistic and imperial,
complexed and offended by the whole world,
phobic and obsessive,
psychologically and psychically -
then no other conclusion can be drawn than that this nation is sick.
Worse, this nation does not even try to overcome its illness, but takes both masochistic and sadistic pleasure in it.


Eight mistakes and two correct decisions of the West regarding the rashist war against Ukraine

The West made 8 mistakes regarding the racist war against Ukraine:

1. The West – as a whole – was taken by surprise by the war; its acceptance of what it wants for reality and systematic errors, delusions, illusions and self-deception in its perceptions of Putin have made it unable to believe that there will be a war.

2. The West – when the war began – was leaning towards the conclusion that Russia's blitzkrieg would succeed and Ukraine would be defeated.

Putin is already eagerly awaited - in hell!

As you can see, since I write everything I talk about - on Facebook and on my website - my positions were as follows:
-- Since the fall of 2021, I have been sharing concerns about possible aggression against Ukraine by the geostrategic cyclophrenic and geopolitical maniac in the Kremlin.
-- Since January 2022, I have expressed absolute confidence that a war against Ukraine is not a question of "Will it be?", but "When?", and the answer will be one - very soon.

Letter from Russia

A friend of mine from Russia wrote to me today:
- Maybe what I'm about to tell you is revealing. At least I hope that this is not an isolated and even extremely rare case.
I'm standing in line before the store opens. And suddenly a conversation starts between people next to me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing:

Stages of the Ukrainian victory

What is the main problem with the latest Rammstein?

Yes, a major problem for this Rammstein was the clash between
--- "Old Europe"
(Western Europe, Southern Europe and State Department, US State Department),
which is for dosed military aid to Ukraine so that Ukraine does not lose the war and so that the war is long enough to exhaust Russia as much as possible;
--- "New Europe"
(Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Pentagon, US Defense Department),
which is for colossal military aid to Ukraine so that Russia is defeated as quickly as possible.

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