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Regarding some criticisms, a personal explanation:

I realize how important the West is for Bulgaria and for Ukraine.
I realize that this is our West, we don't have any other West…
I realize that the West is no longer what it used to be and is still not what it should be.
I realize that there are many dark forces and even more forces of Evil that are against the leadership of the West and that the South is less eager to cure its problems and more indulges in anti-Western emotions and complexes.
I realize how difficult it is today for the West to be the West, when hundreds of millions, if not several billions of people hate the West not even for what it does, but for what it is.


Not analysis this time, but with sense blinded by anxiety - a sense of shame:

After the First Critical Point of the War passed and the West, like Putin, was deceived in its expectations and convinced itself that there would be no Kiev in three days, i.e. Ukraine will not capitulate in three weeks, the Second Critical Point of the War came - the stunning Ukrainian victories (Kharkiv and Kherson).
Then the West adopted a policy (with strategic dimensions) of convincing Ukraine that it could not win the War.


From one of my friends in Kharkiv:
- We are a brave city, despite the looming real danger! I'm watching a football game between kids. Children chase the ball, rejoice, hug each other when they score a goal - like all children in the world. And their mothers are on duty with smartphones on and watching for the approach of glide bombs. As soon as there is a message about such a bomb, everyone runs to the nearest shelter. At the same time, children play with the consent of their parents, no one forces them! While I was watching the matches - nearly 3 hours - we saw how two bombs smoothly fell with terrible force in the area of Alekseevka and Kholodnaya Gora.


After 16 hours in the evening and night the rashist hordes bombarded Kharkiv and did not give its citizens a single moment of respite, now the shelling is renewed with multiplied destructive energy, increasing frequency, escalating power and rampant cruelty!
Kharkiv needs help, protection, it is the object of bloodthirsty aggression, the people there have no sleep, no rest for weeks.
What is the naked and shameless truth tearing at our eyes and consciences?
For the past month, from the generously voted 61 billion, aid has actually come to Ukraine so far, which is less than 1% of this 61 billion!
Less than 1%!
North Korea, Iran and China do many times more, which means they value Russia as a friend many times more than the so-called collective West is doing passively and with shocking indifference to Ukraine, watching the flows of Ukrainian blood and the systematic capture of one Ukrainian settlement after another by the rashists.
Instead of real help - hollow rattling words with claims that, you see, there was no way the rashists could succeed in the Kharkiv region. This is linear, arithmetic reasoning in a world and time of non-linear processes and phenomena! When a system can collapse, a front can also collapse from a tiny impact at a moment - just as a pile of sand can sometimes collapse with the addition of just a tiny grain of sand.
Every Ukrainian civilian or fighter killed is a success for the Bunker King Rat! Because Rashistan does not value human life and does not spare its military equipment, and the scale and reserves of the two countries are incommensurable. Rashistan has countless amounts of cannon fodder and military hardware produced both in the 1950s and the 2020s!!!
Before our eyes is the insane tragedy of Kharkiv - a city comparable to Sofia, left by the so-called collective West at the mercy of Fate!



Along with my relatives and friends, I constantly discover new and new wonders of today's high technologies:
The car tells the driver (watching the pupils?) - It's time for a coffee!
The refrigerator gives information to the person shopping in the supermarket what he needs.
The blinds send an SMS that they will be raised.
The vacuum cleaner informs by SMS that it will take a walk in the house.
The watch is set to call 112 and send a message to the person who is the personal emergency contact if the person falls or is immobile for a long time...
These are an insignificant part of the wonders of the coming Future.
At the same time, primitive Putinopithecus wage a bloody, cannibalistic, destructive, predatory and raping war, as if they were from the age of savages and barbarians before the Primordial-Communal System.


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