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Stupor and Stress

Ukraine's stunning military achievements have shocked Russia and ... panicked Western leaders.
With the naked eye you can see how they fell into a stupor and stress. How they changed their evaluations, ambitions, attitudes and statements. How their unconditional support for Ukraine wavered.
Yes, Ukraine's military successes make the war longer. But this is a minor inconvenience compared to the prospect of Russia being defeated!


The West should let Ukraine win the war

The West so badly wishes that the missiles that fell in Poland were not Russian that it firmly believes that they are not Russian.
It took months to become clear that Russia had shot down the Malaysian plane. Here, the fact that the missiles were Ukrainian was established immediately.

Indeed, the origin of these missiles does not change the absolute historical necessity for the West to allow Ukraine to win the war. And this can be done by the West giving Ukraine the weapons Ukraine desperately needs.

The rest is an entry into the scenario of the Kremlin Villain. And so the West seems to have the first concern to render a last resort to the Villain, by which he may somehow save his face.

The lessons of the woefully failed Chamberlainship have not been remembered. The lack of leadership among the West will be remembered - forever.

It is becoming more and more mercilessly clear that never in more than 80 years has there been such a staggering shortage of Western leaders. That is why the Kremlin villain is becoming more and more merciless.


The Fear of the Fear

1983 - The Kremlin vehemently denied responsibility for the downing of the South Korean airliner.
2006 - The Kremlin categorically denied Russian involvement in the radioactive polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko.
2014 - The Kremlin strongly denied responsibility for the downing of the Malaysian airliner.
(Early in) 2022 - The Kremlin flatly denied that it was planning military action against Ukraine.
November 15, 2022 - The Kremlin categorically denies any connection with the missiles that hit Poland.

The West is on the move

Without being an expert, I think that after this terrorist act of the Kremlin villain against Poland, the adequate solution of the West is to give Ukraine the HIMARS missiles with a range of 200 km (not 80 km). This avoids the direct military conflict that this Villain wants to draw the West into and makes it absolutely possible that the rashists will lose the war even before the end of winter.
And the Kremlin villain wants to involve NATO for at least four reasons:
1. It is shameful to lose a war against Ukraine, but not so much against the West.
2. By getting NATO involved, he would retroactively justify the war against Ukraine as Western aggression against Russia and with the need for Russia to preemptively strike Ukraine in order to respond to this impending (then, as of February 24) aggression in the near future.
3. It will create for him an option for launching a tactical nuclear strike against Ukraine.
4. It will bring China (and India) to his side, in a desperate attempt to turn the war from Russia against Ukraine to West versus Rest. (The West vs. the rest of the world).


Dimensions of the Ukrainian victory that led to the liberation of Kherson

I was in Kherson in Soviet times.
It is not the biggest city in Ukraine. But the crushing victory of the Ukrainian armed forces in Kherson has the following four dimensions that make its success the most important since the beginning of the war, and this defeat of rashism is undoubtedly the most resounding slap in the face of the Kremlin's villain image.

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