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Still or already

Russian society is sick! There is no doubt about that.
The only question is: Is it still treatable or is it already incurable?
Any dictatorship that for a quarter of a century deprives people of the opportunity to "express" out loud their concerns, ambitions, desires and disagreements makes society seriously ill.
Putin is a cancer on Russian society.
Putin is a punishment for Russian society.
Putin is a dead end for Russian society.
Putin is a curse on Russian society.


Too slow

The West is slowly going through different phases of support for Ukraine. Yes, it goes from one phase to another, but too clumsily, one step forward, two steps back, or two steps forward, one step back.
Here are the phases so far:

Phase 1. Ukraine not to be defeated by blitzkrieg.
Phase 2. Ukraine not to be defeated.
Phase 3. Ukraine to regain positions by December 2022.
Now there is a transition to Phase 4: Ukraine to regain its positions by February 2022.

The West must gather courage and responsibility to stop deceiving itself:
The war is existential for him too!
Must move to Phase 5 - Ukraine to regain positions as of February 2014.
And finally to Phase 6 - Ukraine to return its loans by December 1991.


One exclamation and one question

My Russian friend:
After Putin, we Russians will have only one exclamation and only one question.
Our exclamation will be:
- Lord, how much lighter and easier life is now!
Our question will be:
- How could we live a quarter of a century under the rule of such a Monster?


Potemkin state

Potemkin tricked Catherine the Great with the so-called Potemkin villages - houses with colorfully painted facades, happy villagers in front of them.
Behind the facades there was only misery, poverty, alcoholism and suffering.
Under Putin, Russia has become a Potemkin state - a facade without substance and without a future.


How will Putin end?

How will Putin end? Like Saddam? Like Gaddafi? Like Milosevic?
I think there are two options.
The "soft" is like Stalin: he will lie in his own fluids, and medical help will be fatally delayed.
The "hard" is like Ceausescu: shot by his own people after a very quick "trial".


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