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On some [Russian] pro-Ukrainian commentators

Like many others, I am constantly listening to a number of pro-Ukrainian commentators. But recently I stopped following some of them (for example Yulia Latynina, but not only her).
It is striking that most of them talk, talk, talk continuously and several times a day... I wonder - when do they think?


All of us who are humanly moved and feel strongly about Ukraine always feel pain and sorrow when we learn about another bombing of a Ukrainian city, when we watch footage of the destruction, when we see pictures of dead or maimed children... But in some completely natural and understandable way , our concerns about Ukraine are fragmented and sometimes overshadowed by our other concerns. Well, our life has not stopped here – with our Bulgarian upheavals and with our individual joys and tribulations. There are football passions, summer is coming at sea, we have sharp political quarrels, all sorts of other excitements and emotions...


Many (including me) compare Putin to Hitler.
Yes, they are both political monsters, dictatorial psychopaths, geostrategic cyclophrenics and geopolitical maniacs.
Both are guilty of terrible crimes and will go down in History as brutal scoundrels.

Yet there are also huge differences between them.

Poker with marked cards between two bandits

Today everything seems to me like poker between two bandits (two pahanAs) with marked cards and overbluffing. Prigogin's bluff practically succeeded because he made a laughingstock of Putin with very weak cards and achieved much more than he could have with such weak cards.
Nevertheless, Prigozhin is doomed, because the word of the Big PahAn means nothing. Prigogin would accidentally slip in the bathroom, fall and fatally hit himself 43 times.
But Putin is also doomed. The outwitted and outplayed, disgraced and insulted Big PahAn is no longer an authority who can control the gang and guarantee success and as well life "according to concepts" (zhit' po poniatiam).
As one analyst put it, the sloppy Prigozhin caught the sloppy Putin at a "gop-stop" [The term 'Gop stop' (drawing from English) means a 'mugging' or armed hold-up, with the purpose of robbing or attacking someone]. Which delegitimizes him in the eyes of the whole "fraternity" (bratva). And they won't forgive that. The boss ("ringleader") of the pack flinched, got scared, showed weakness and could no longer be a leader, because it was seen that he was no longer able to guarantee the interests and security of the pack, of the gang. Therefore, he will inevitably get a "pero" (dagger) in his heart.


After 4 months...

Putin looks to me like Gorbachev after the failed coup of August 1991. He supposedly returned with a triumph, supposedly the world rested, supposedly things went away. And after 4 months his state collapsed and he became Mr. Nobody.


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