After yesterday's elections, Bulgaria is simply dumbfounded!
Let us, however, raise our heads and not look only at our Bulgarian provincial reality!
Bulgaria is mercilessly clear - here once again the Status Quo retained victory, and the Status Quo won the way it wanted. Bulgaria is a hopeless, sullen patch on the Western blanket.

The problem is much more serious, more terrible, more apocalyptic, more catastrophic!
The West is seriously ill and rotting.
The West is in the grip of stunted Chamberlain leaders.
The West is in a shameful retreat.
The West is about to give in and give up its spirit and breath to God.

Imagine - the leader of the United States - Biden! What a moral and political decline of the West!
Democrats in the USA cannot find an alternative to the mediocre, politically hopeless old man suffering from democratic Alzheimer's and leadership Parkinson's.
Democrats in Europe have no choice but to blindly, deafly, stupidly and humiliatingly contemplate how Orban will lead the EU from July 1st!

Democracy is like a beetle that has fallen on its back - it flaps its legs helplessly, emits some kind of useless buzzing, but cannot turn around and stand on its feet.

The West, the USA, Europe, NATO, the EU - they are paralyzed by complacency, fear, selfishness, and unwillingness to fight for the great goals that represent their essence.
The West, USA, Europe, NATO, EU without these great goals represent a mechanical sum of consumerism, hedonism, disorientation, lack of ideality and spinelessness.

The mighty bells rang again and again for all who could hear them.
But is there anyone who will hear them?!?!
Our Western world is leaving, it is falling apart, it is retreating shamefully, it is dying.
And only we, the West, the USA, Europe, NATO, the EU can stop our own agony. If we do not do this, we will fall into the hands of chaos and anarchy, into the clutches of fascism and racism. And furious, predatory, primitive, primitive tribes of destruction and robbery, greed and lust will rush through our devastated territories. And they will kill and rape us, destroy and humiliate us.
And the Dark Ages will reign over the world.

This is what happened when the Roman Empire collapsed.
This may be the case when Western civilization collapses.
Yesterday the Western civilization received its latest warning - that its predicted end may be inevitable.