The latest blows of the rashists against Ukraine were particularly cruel, downright unprecedented, cannibalistic, monstrous. After the electoral event at the end of last week, Russia's war against Ukraine is moving into a new, even bloodier and merciless phase. If so far it was
War to Break Ukraine,
now moving on to
War of Destruction of Ukraine.
This morning I did another "morning check" – how are my Ukrainian friends, with whom we have been connected for 40-50 years.
They weren't good at all. Everyone without exception were tired, anxious, sad and distrustful.
And don't forget that they are people of my age, i.e. with more personal and health problems than solutions for them.
Since the war started, every time I have a hard time, as soon as I start to bend under the weight of life, I immediately think of these Ukrainian friends of mine and say to myself:
And how are they doing - they have everything I have plus the War!
And I don't allow myself to complain.
One of the Ukrainian friends, from Kharkiv, most accurately conveyed the general mood and thoughts of everyone:
- After last night's hell, the ordinary Ukrainian feels like a pawn, like a bargaining chip.
When you have to have surgery, but you can't afford it because you're needed at home...
When your wife has lost her nerve from this rocket roulette with death...
When your daughter has run out of tears of fear for her children...
When the grandchildren begin to tremble and stutter at the first tremors of the ground under our house...
When the dog has slipped into the closet and is barking terribly out of fear and grief...
When the cat has crawled under the bed and meows like it's the end of the world...
When the bombs fall so close that the plaster from the ceiling crumbles and you don't know if your house is about to be hit and only a crater remains...
One cannot help but say:
Is a rich and complacent Europe with 20% of the world's GDP, with all of NATO and the entire EU, really unable or unwilling to help us with air defense?
Who needs heartbreaking movies and Oscars what has Evil of the Universe done to the us?
Who needs the international reports on the atrocities against us?
Who needs the condolences for the victims that we give around the clock?
Who needs all this post factum?
Can't the Evil of the Universe be stopped?
Can't atrocities be prevented?
Can't action be taken in time instead of condolences afterwards?
And by asking yourself these questions, you involuntarily begin to find answers to them, born of the feeling,
that We Ukrainians are a part
from some geopolitical deal,
from some Mephistophelian treaty;
that we are some kind of instrument;
that we are some kind of experiment;
that we are sacrificed;
that we are pitied;
that we are written off...
We cannot be broken by Putin's insanity.
However, we can be broken by the indifference of Europe and the USA.