These days I received two letters.
One letter was from an woman, a professor. A spiteful and triumphant letter. With insults to Navalny and against „liberalizing navalnysm as the last refuge of the pro-Western pro-gender devilry that poisons and destroys the world“.
The other letter was from a young and thoughtful, honest and moral (according to my notions of honesty and morality) man. I will quote this letter without his consent, with all the conditionality of the fact that it was written emotionally, as a cry, as a call, as a pain for Bulgaria::
„In recent weeks, rashism in Bulgaria has risen to the surface. Sites, promoters, lecturers, teachers, professors; rashist spew rashism.
We are in a „quantum situation“, the disaster has already occurred, life as we know it is over, we are still in the womb of „democracy“ but the body is dead, the fetus called „liberal order“ turns out to be stillborn. Schools, academies, universities are bell towers of rashism, literally blocked by professors with rashist fanaticism.
Rashism and rashists in Bulgaria look with a grotesque smile on the failure of the attempt at normalcy, in which they are inconsistent. In rashist conditions, such people find themselves relevant, meaningful, on the spot, and they are reproduced in gatherings, media, lectures, in formal and informal meetings, in departments, faculties and all sorts of other councils...“.
In recent months, the processes around the world and in our country, in Ukraine and in the West, have not been good at all. Even in their meaning, essence and content, they are destructive, charged with a huge potential catastrophic energy in general, all too easily able to become absolutely kinetic catastrophic energy and push humanity into a new ice age or into a new general human carnage.
In these conditions, we visibly and invisibly fall into depressive states, we see what is happening and everything around us and with us mainly in black. It's hard for us, as if we're walking in a never-ending tunnel, and whatever speed light travels (which these days is constantly trying to break through and exceed its Einstein's speed limit), it falls short of us, probably because in this tunnel there really is no end.
On February 24, 2022, Putin uncorked that colossal pressure vessel in which enormous obscurantism had accumulated. And this obscurantism swept with all its hideous stench free, unstopped and everywhere.
The First World War, the Second World War, the First Cold War – they were all made possible when, in the same way, obscurantism broke free and spread across the world.
If you want to know if there will be a World War, sharpen your sense of smell – its coming is detected first by the stench of obscurantism.
It is not the most important thing who unleashes this obscurantism. Darkness knows no barriers, it penetrates everywhere and through all pores, fibers, cracks, vulnerabilities. It engulfs all and swallows all – some as executioners, others as victims, others as silent biased observers, others as demonstrably indifferent to what is happening.
In the 20th century, global wars followed one after the other – the First World War, then the Second World War, then the First Cold War.
In the 21st century, it is possible for global wars to take place at the same time – the Third World War and the Second Cold War.
And when the Hot War and the Cold War are going on at the same time, then we have a negative synergistic effect, i.e. their destructive consequences are not cumulative, but multiplied. In other words, the Hot War and the Cold War enter into a resonance that destroys all bridges around the world and between countries, regions, continents and civilizations.
Yes, we have an awful lot of reasons and an awful lot of occasions for black thoughts and black views. Putin has plunged the world into enormous uncertainty and insecurity, obscurity and unpredictability, ambiguity and incomprehensibility.
In today's situation, with current processes, all kinds of scenarios are possible, including the bad, the worse, the worst, and the worstest.
But in spite of everything, at any cost and at the cost of everything, we must take matters into our own hands.
We must realize that in the field of obscurantism the obscurantists win – that is their game.
First, we need to turn on our instinct for self-preservation.
In the last two or three decades, the West has made many mistakes, but the biggest one is that it turned off its instinct for self-preservation.
The West indulged in bliss in its hedonistic paradise, lived for the sake of pleasures, and all kinds of pleasures at that. Including – staring mainly at his navel and a little below.
The West is mostly the Leader of humanity. And being a Leader of humanity means having a mission.
The West had and still has a mission, and that mission is not at all to create a stripping and sex-only world.
The West had and still has a mission – to make the world more humane, more civilized, more normal; to translate it to the new age of high information, communication, medical, gene and space technologies, quantum computers and Artificial Intelligence.
But for the West to carry out its mission, it is necessary for the West to continue to exist. Necessary, but not enough, alas.
Let us all turn on our instinct for self-preservation.
And let us have no illusions – if they push the world into chaos and anarchy, the forces of darkness will not be easily stopped. They can commit all kinds of, even unimaginable evils.
If they get hold of power in Bulgaria, these forces of obscurantism are capable of everything imaginable and much more – unimaginable.
Both in 1943 – 1945 and in 2022 – 2024, those forces of obscurity coming from Russian Asiaticism are merciless – they kill, rape, loot, destroy – gruesomely, as rarely has anyone done.
And if then there was some explanation for their monstrous cruelty and immorality (revenge for what Nazism caused them), now they have no such explanation.
It is because of this that it becomes mercilessly clear that they are just the way they are. Such and no others.
Stalinism and now Putinism (two satanic outgrowths of ruthless tyranny) have turned hundreds of thousands, even millions of people in their society into machines for murder, robbery, rape and destruction, whose main revenge is not what was done to them. Their main grudge is that they cannot build a sane, normal, democratic, humane society, and for this reason they tend to destroy in their path everything that has built such a society. Everything that lives many times better than them. Everything that can many times more than them. Everything that is many times different from them.
Bulgaria must turn on its instinct for self-preservation, otherwise it will fall under the power of the obscurantist rashist boot and there will be an orgy of murders, rapes, looting and destruction. The ones there were, and the ones under this boot, there's no way there won't be again. It does not know, cannot and is not capable of anything else.
The ninth waves of obscurity sweep over us, they make us think everything in black, see everything in black.
But we cannot self-pityingly and self-destructively indulge in black thoughts, a black outlook, no matter how many reasons and occasions we have for it.
We have to take matters into our own hands.
If we become subject to black thoughts and blackness, then obscurantism has defeated us.
Obscurantism is a cancer – a politic, social, mental, value cancer.
Obscurantism with its cancerous cells seeks only one thing – to turn every healthy cell – an individual or a community of individuals in society – into a cancerous cell.
Cancer cannot exist except by growing.
Cancer is the only suicidal and self-destructive, catastrophic phenomenon, the only hideous and monstrous animal (bacterium, virus, destroyer, exterminator) that kills the organism into which it has entered and begun to eat away. All other biological and social parasites seek to maintain the life of the organism they have penetrated in order to benefit from it. Cancer is the only parasite, a pest, that kills its host.
Therefore, we must not allow obscurantism in the world and in our country to force us to get drunk as if on a terrible drug of black thoughts and indulge ourselves as if in a delirium of black views.
Somehow we must recover from this all-universal despondency that suffocates us. And let's fight for a better Bulgaria. To win back Bulgaria from rashism, from obscurantism, from the forces of Evil, from the dead end of violence and terror, into which all those described above in the letter of the wonderful and troubled young man are pushing it.
We have no right to be weak. At least because, as the bunker monster had said (and that's the only way he sees the world) – the weak get beaten. Not only they are beaten. They are killed. And before killed, they are raped.
Evil cannot do otherwise. Evil is mediocrity. And as a very good, but wasting a huge part of his talent in an embrace with communist power, Bulgarian poet had written:
Mediocrity is fascism.
Today, the same can be said, but in a slightly different way:
Mediocrity is rashism.