With his cannibalistic, treacherous war in Ukraine, Putin has achieved its goal.
With its cannibalistic, brutal carnage in Israel, Hamas has achieved its goal.
They have pushed the world into uncertainty, obscurity, ambiguity, instability, uncertainty.
They made the world black and white.
Israel is now putting out the fire with gasoline.
Erdogan and Dagestan are throwing mortar sparks that could explode into a global anti-Western conflagration fueled by Islamist fanaticism.
And the West is reactive, sluggish, slow, confused, devoid of leaders.
The West never left its hedonistic comfort zone, its bureaucracy, its complacency, its well-being up there – on its Olympus.
The West never understood that the West is not only a high standard of living and democracy, but also a Mission, a Civilizing Mission.
The West never understood why Putin's tooth had to be knocked out in the first half year of the war.
The West has never been able to explain to Israel that fire cannot be put out with gasoline.
It is not too late to arrest and bring this cascading, self-igniting process under control.
It is not too late for the West to become the West if it does not want to decline and fall apart.
It's not too late for reason to prevail.
It's not too late.
But between It's Not Too Late and It's Too Late there is only one historical moment.
The moment of awakening, of thinking, of recalling, of awareness.
And Bulgaria?
We Bulgarians are like grouse in love period – we talk about various local, provincial problems and we do it with our eyes wide closed.