The brutal carnage wrought on October 7 by Hamas thugs not only lifted the lid on Pandora's Box in this explosive region, constantly generating strategic challenges, risks, dangers and threats, but smashed, destroyed, annihilated that lid!
Different scenarios of tensions and conflicts have become possible, and in today's time of uncertainties, unknowns, instabilities and insecurities, it is a frank premise that the worst of all these scenarios will be realized. This worst-case scenario is not just likely. Unfortunately, it is also possible.
I hope it is avoided...
I hope, but a hope today is too little, it is extremely insufficient.
I will not go into the History after World War II.
But it is a hard to deny the very fact that for this region in this story there is one very clearly identifiable victim side – the Palestinians.
And we must know, and we must also remember, that when the situation acquires elements of catastrophism, the world becomes black and white.
And in the perceptions of the black and white world, the greatest victim becomes the Only Victim.
Then the region of earthquake perturbations becomes a black hole, a scary black hole. A black hole that swallows up arguments, logic, other points of view, voices of reason.
Once someone is perceived as the Sole Victim, then most of the world inevitably and suicidally sides with them. It stops and becomes deaf and blind to everything else.
The thugs of Hamas achieved their goal - they provoked Israel's retaliatory actions, and these Israeli actions were not late and they know no mercy.
Now, alas, there is a real danger that the West will become, if it has not already become, a hostage in this conflict.
This may lead to, if not lead to, consolidation against the West:
-- not only the bastards of the Pact of Evil – Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Hamas and all the rest...
-- not only of the Arab world...
-- not only of the Islamic world...
-- but also of a dangerously vast part of our world...
Such confrontation is not at all healthy and safe for the West.
No way!
Because significant human masses and gatherings representing those who will consolidate against the West also exist within the West.
Thus, the West may face a twofold large-scale and pernicious confrontation:
-- From colossal masses of people, organizations, finances and networks of violence outside the West...
--- From colossal masses of people, organizations, finances and networks of violence inside the West.
Unfortunately, the distressing lack of leaders in the West leads to an unacceptable lack of Leadership from the West.
The West today faces the most serious challenge since the end of the Second World War.
If this strategic challenge is not given an effective response, it will very quickly escalate into a strategic risk.
If this risk is not managed effectively, it will very quickly transform into a strategic danger.
If this danger is not effectively controlled, it will very quickly degenerate into a strategic threat.
Then, with all its power and all its available resources, this threat must be neutralized, or there follows a collapse of meaning, essence and content of this great liberal and democratic human dormitory which is called the West – the best of all possible things that happened to our world, of our human civilization.
And then, inevitably and irreversibly, new dark ages will begin, in which all sorts of freaks – putins, hamases, ayatollahs and all kinds of other fanatics, extremists, radicals, terrorists, fascists and nazis - will run wild and rampage.