A dramatic trend in the West since the beginning of this century is the severing of the direct link between Politics and Science. Namely, this relationship was one of the colossally effective resources of Western democracies.
Security science has long studied self-organizing criticalities – systems which are
subject to the so-called Power Law,
associated with a series of bifurcation points (i.e. turning points, points of complex choices and sometimes absolutely mutually exclusive scenarios).

In such systems, the importance of timely and correct decision at the earliest possible point of bifurcation is enormous.
If such a decision is not made in time upon reaching the first point of bifurcation, the vulnerabilities of the system begin to synchronize with each other, to unite in some strange, often paradoxical way, and as a result it becomes extremely likely to start a cascading process (cascading) – a successive outbreak of instabilities and uncertainties, the control of which is very difficult (if at all possible) and it requires colossal resources, absolutely disproportionate to the resources that would be needed to find a quick and effective solution at the very beginning of the process (at the first point of bifurcation).
And so, when the War of rashism began in Ukraine (first point of bifurcation), the Politics of the West showed short-sightedness and cowardice, strategic blindness and selfishness.
The Politics of the West did not turn to Science for advice and expertise, but began to moan, to fear Putin, to fear the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, to see this War as an isolated conflict, the result of the action of a sociopathic megalomaniac.
Moreover, the West, while doing what was necessary for Ukraine not to lose, did not do enough for Ukraine to win. In November and December of last year, the West stopped Ukraine's offensive, reduced the supply of modern weapons by 3-4 times, did not give Ukraine combat aircraft and helicopters, long-range missiles and modern means of demining.
In other words, the Politics of the West remained deaf and blind to the Science of the West and did not find a quick and effective solution to the apocalyptic problem at the very first point of bifurcation.
And now - just as Science warned, a cascading process has begun, a cascading has begun, a successive and self-accelerating emergence of foci of tension and terrorist acts of all those who rebel against the leadership of the West, of all the obscurantists who are not only and not so much against what the West DOES, but are against what the West IS.
For the first time since 1945, the West faces an existential threat to be or not to be.
This is a threat that will very soon begin to demand not just the humiliation of the West, but the destruction of the West.
The West needs to wake up, get out of its stupor, pull itself together and mobilize.
The cascading process has the insidious property of self-igniting, self-escalating. With it, constantly and continuously, the cause inflames the effect which it produces, and the effect inflames the cause which produces it.
Today, this process can be stopped. Tomorrow it might still be able to be stopped, but with ten times more resources and a hundred times more losses.