People like us die

My friend writes from Kharkov:

Children played football. Suddenly, rocket fire began on the city. Parents went to the field and covered their children with their bodies!
I filmed it, and CNN probably would have paid good money for these unique shots, but in Ukraine, for security reasons, episodes of rocket fire cannot be published.
Missiles fell about a kilometer from us. The ground beneath our feet trembled.
After the end of the air raid, the match continued. But there was another match nearby, where the boys from one team refused to leave the bomb shelter for at least 2 hours, and all this time the other team was patiently waiting for them. In the end, it turned out to be a very interesting match.
It must sound wild and impossible to you. In Sofia, life goes on as if there were no War, you are, I am sure, angry because of a problem that seems very important to you, while here rockets fly, fall and explode. And people die. Such people, like you.