I looked at many photographs of those who died in the barbaric rashist war against Ukraine.
I was very impressed by the difference!

Ukrainians who die defending their Motherland always have intelligent, beautiful, spiritual and human faces. It can be seen that they are a representative sample of the heroic Ukrainian nation. Ukraine's blood flows and flows while the West does what is necessary, but not enough, to help this wonderful country and this amazingly brave and poetically soulful people. My heart breaks when I look at these photos, the rabies plague that has swept over Ukraine is terrible!

Rashists, as a rule, have rough, undeveloped, almost primitive, repulsive faces, sullen and with blank stares, like zombies, alcoholics or drugged – the result of terrible and ugly, degenerative genetic selection. They never understand why they die and indulge in either apocalyptic despair or pathological cruelty.

The rashist picture is somewhat such, because to the front Putin and his camarilla have so far sent mainly doomed creatures from the bottom strata, criminals, mentally disabled people, the poor and marginalized, deprived of social activity and elementary life goals, outsiders, asocial wretches or sociopaths, completely disoriented elements of non-Russian nationalities.

But soon, with the new (announced or unannounced) mobilization of slaughter, far more normal subjects will already be sent from this kingdom of lawlessness, madness, lack of culture and waylessness.

In Russia, two industries are currently operating at full capacity – the military and the funeral.
And in the meantime, the Central Rashist Bank increased the interest rate to 13%.
Can a normal economy function:
-- with such interest;
-- with total raw material orientation of exports;
-- with absolute production of goods and services that are "not intended for civilian use" (understand – which are intended for military purposes);
-- with total dependence on the import of practically everything – from toilet paper to chips for rocket missiles (their imports from the USA, yes, from the USA and partially from other Western countries are growing not by percentages, but by times, regardless of sanctions);
-- with an unceasing and uncontrollable decline of the ruble?

There is no greater enemy of Russia than Putin!
In fact, this is exactly what Russia deserves – Putin's Russia!
The sad, insanely sad thing is that Ukraine is paying a terribly high price for all this.
Martyr Ukraine...