A new rashist information strategy

Do not be surprised that such an ultra-rashist propagandist and brutal Goebbelsian as Skabeeva talks about 284,000 dead rashists in the barbaric and absolutely unprovoked war against Ukraine!
This is entirely in the spirit of the new information strategy of rashism - a strategy personally inspired by the Coward in the Bunker:
Previously, the victims of the rashists were minimized and hidden, with the threat of long sentences in concentration camps for their publication, but now these victims are (over)exaggerated and massively reported. This is done to force a totally new way of thinking and look for new, desperate ways to mobilize - Look, so many of our boys have died in this war against NATO and for the salvation of Russia, so there can be no retreat, we must fight to victory, to the last drop of blood, and we will not stand for a price...