Recently, a number of my friends – in real life and-or in Facebook – have been sharing with me their growing concerns and deepening pessimism about the War of Racism against Ukraine.
I'm also worried about what's going on there, but I'm doing my best through rational reasoning to calm my anxiety and not give in to despair.

What is really going on in this brutal War and are things really disturbing?
More specifically, how disturbing they really are, because it's hard to argue that they're not disturbing...
First, I have already pointed out this reason – after the tragedy in Nova Kakhovka, something went wrong in the mechanism of the War – in the course of events and in the fighting.
The West's indifference to this tragedy is absurd, to say the least. This only added arguments to those who claim that although the West is helping quite a lot, even unexpectedly a lot, it is not so much because of Ukraine, but to prevent Russia from decisively winning this War.
It's as if the West has accepted that Ukraine will suffer, and as Ukraine suffers, it reacts with apparent coolness, and in the heat of summer, unacceptably lethargic.
More and more bitter is the truth, in which I also believe more and more strongly, that the West does not find the strength to feel pain sincerely and personally for the pains and losses of Ukraine.
Even if it says through most of its leaders that Ukraine is also fighting for the sake of the West, the West unacceptably calmly thinks that, after all, if Ukraine is fighting and above all for itself, then it will suffer casualties and suffer damages.
And one more thing – the West fears the use of weapons of mass destruction by Russia, and everything that is not related to the use of such weapons, after all, is recorded in the inevitable and–or in the accompanying losses and destruction.
The passive, virtually non-existent reaction of the West to the tragedy in Nova Kakhovka broke something in the very soul of Ukraine, or inflicted a severe wound on that soul. Ukraine doesn't seem to be the same after Nova Kakhovka, and it doesn't even seem to fight the same way. The billions of dollars and Euros of military and humanitarian aid from the West have somewhat weighed on Ukraine's perception scales compared to the cold-blooded Western response after Nova Kakhovka. This is exactly what my Ukrainian (for nearly 50 years) friend wrote to me: "Something in us Ukrainians broke after Nova Kakhovka, we saw that at some point we might even - God forbid! - to be left alone against the terrible enemy!"...

Second, amid the bitterness and pain after Nova Kakhovka, came the NATO meeting in Vilnius, which dealt another heavy blow to the spirit of the Ukrainian people. The Ukrainians were aware of what would essentially be the decision of this empty summit, but somehow they still hoped for a miracle. Just as a patient with a serious illness is aware of what the doctor will tell him, but nevertheless hides in the bosom of his thirst for life the hope that a miracle will happen.
No, a miracle did not happen. The cold shower was downright icy. Yes, Ukraine fights and dies for the West, but the West does not want to fight and die for Ukraine!
Indeed, the Vilnius Summit, in all its Warsaw Pact-style pomp, suggested to both Russia and Ukraine that the War could not only last indefinitely, but that there was reason to try to make it last as long as possible. How else to decipher the statement that Ukraine will join NATO only after the complete end of the war? So as long as there is at least a little piece of war, there will be no membership of Ukraine in NATO...
Here, by the way, it is time for us, the Bulgarians, to think, too, but not only us.
There is no logic for NATO to refuse to fight and die for a key geostrategic and geopolitical, geoeconomic and geofood country like Ukraine, and for us Bulgarians to hope that NATO will fight for the sake of the rashist fifth column – among the people, in the system of national security, in the army and in business – in Bulgaria!
Isn't it time Washington and Brussels honestly and honorably make a list of the first class countries in Europe for which NATO will fight and die; of the second class countries in Europe that NATO will not fight and die for. As well as those European countries that will remain on the platform and at the mercy of fate as the next direct victims of rashism.
Someone will say – yes, but Bulgaria is in NATO, and Article Five of the Washington Treaty claims that the principle applies – "one for all, all for one" and if Putin attacks us, NATO will retaliate immediately.
Ridiculousness! NATO won't attack Putin then. With NATO membership, or without NATO membership, Europe's security is united and indivisible and an attack on a European country is an attack on Europe! NATO is Europe's response and defense tool. But it is crystal clear that NATO has no intention of fighting and dying for some countries in Europe. And just as it did not do it for Ukraine, just as it did not do it for Georgia, NATO – today's NATO – won't do it for Moldova, it won't do it for Bulgaria, it won't do it for Estonia, it won't do it for Romania. The clearest division of first class, second class and remaining on the platform countries is drawn according to the primary criterion of "distance": remoteness, proximity or border with Russia.

Third, the West enthusiastically and somewhat sadistically writes almost daily how the Ukrainian counter-offensive was very slow, downright imperceptible, almost ineffective and probably failed.
It's a bit rude and unaesthetic, but I'll mention that nasty joke when a drunk threw up on a respectable citizen in the tram and then pointed at him with contempt: "Look what you look like!"
NATO did not give Ukraine warplanes, did not give long-range missiles, did not provide Ukraine not even with the sufficient, but at least with the minimum necessary means for anti-aircraft defense and demining. But this does not prevent from daily talking to the Western public opinion about how nothing was achieved with the Ukrainian counter-offensive.
Insanely, and I would say stupidly, the West, as if with a rewound lantern, mumbles the same thing – how Ukraine could not and should not strike at Russian territory!
I'll be rude again, but it's like a bully attacking a respectable girl with her hands tied and legs shackled in an indecent position. And moralists from the side say - but why doesn't she resist, maybe she likes the rape or at least, knowing that she will be raped anyway, she tries to feel pleasure from the act!
It is simply not true that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is not working, on the contrary, it is working much more than the West is helping it. It goes against everything and despite the West! It's a real miracle that it works.
Ukrainian fighters, Ukrainian people, Ukrainian society, Ukrainian political and military leaders are doing miracles on the battlefield! And they are working wonders regardless of the fact that, parallel to the caricaturization of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the West, doubts are daily being cast in the West about the morality of Ukrainian political leaders, and especially President Zelensky.
In the West, an atmosphere of perception of the political leadership of Ukraine as irresponsible, corrupt, nepotistic and rotten by Russian agents was created. And gradually such thinking about the political leadership became a convenient explanation for the "mishaps" in the War, even for a significant part of Ukrainians. If you want to demoralize a society during a war, discredit its political leadership! An old and tried maxim...

Fourth, after Putin's insane fear during the Prigogine tumult, gradually due to a number of internal and external reasons (the support of client states, for example), Putin has apparently come out of his stupor, now he gives it out with high self-confidence, appears too often in front of the media, gives assessments (in fact multiplied by 2 or 3 Western assessments of the Ukrainian counter-offensive) about the course of military actions, represses the too extreme, overtaking him from the right and on patriotic lines zet-idiots and suggests that everything goes from good to better.
This definitely affects the Ukrainian society as well, after Prigozhin's coup, it allowed itself a huge gulp of hope that maybe the end of Putin is near. Ukrainian society is now reeling from the shock of the Prigogine failure.
When on the one hand the West injects you with excessive pessimism, and on the other hand Putin raps with unforgiving optimism, every Ukrainian soul can tremble, bend. Moreover, Ukraine has been experiencing inhuman difficulties and suffering for a year and a half.
No one in the West can even 10% understand what it means to be Ukrainian today, how hard it is for Ukrainians - direct atrocities of the war (even more so after Putin simply destroys Ukrainian cities, Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian nature, Ukrainian economy); 68% of Ukrainian families are fragmented (live in different places in Ukraine or in Europe); 62% non-working or barely working enterprises, 36% destroyed hospitals, 40 thousand killed and 110 thousand seriously injured Ukrainians (that's 150 thousand Ukrainian sons and daughters completely or almost completely taken out of life!).
Ukraine is a colossal Suffering!
Ukraine is an inhuman Pain!
Ukraine is a torn Soul!
Ukraine an apocalyptic Tragedy!
But regardless of everything, I continue to hope and still believe that Ukraine will win this War!
First, with the growing ruthlessness and ugly barbarism of rashist actions, Ukraine is now literally pushed to the wall, an either-or situation for it. Either it will exist or it won't exist; either there will be Ukraine or there won't be Ukraine.
There are no more avenues of retreat for Ukraine. Putin's goal is not to conquer it, he cannot do that. His goal is to destroy Ukraine, to devastate Ukraine, to wipe Ukraine off the face of the Earth.
When a country, when a nation, when an army has no retreat routes, their forces multiply. That's why Spartacus killed his horse before the last fight – to show his gladiators and revolted slaves that here they will either win or die.
Pressed against the wall, Ukraine will not die, it will win. When it comes to to be or not to be, Ukraine will undoubtedly win. There is no force that can break Ukraine.
I am sure – there is no force that can break Ukraine!

Second, sooner or later, unfortunately not sooner than later, but the West will see, will come to its senses.
Putin's follies have transformed him from the overwhelming fear the West has of Putin into an existential threat to both Western leadership and the West's very existence.
Despite the West's timidity and fear of angering Putin, the West will begin to overcome its Fear of Putin. The fear of Putin is hard to overcome, the Fear of the fear of Putin is even harder to overcome. But the West will begin to overcome this Fear of fear. And it will give Ukraine everything it needs. He will give it even times more than Ukraine has a real need. The West would give it many times over, as some ridiculous and slightly hypocritical excuse for giving it many times later than the West should have. The important thing is that the West will give it.
Putin has no chance against the united Military-Industrial Complex of the West. Putin has no chance against the West.
I am sure – Putin has no chance against the West!

Third, Putin has consistently, from the very beginning, sought to internationalize the War. But he, in his quest to internationalize the War, really begins to internationalize it – but in a perverse and catastrophic way for himself.
Putin is becoming ungovernable, he is beginning to threaten the ecology of the world, he is beginning to threaten the food supply of the world, he is beginning to threaten the security of the world, he is beginning to threaten the survival of the world.
Putin is becoming a global threat not only for the West and the North (i.e. for the Golden Billion), but also for the South and the East (for the other 6.5-7 billion, including the so-called Tattered (Ragged, Poor) billion. He can shift scary geostrategic plates and scary geopolitical strata.
That's why I have no doubt that there will be tremendous pressure on Putin to stop behaving like a macaque with a machine gun in his hands, firing in directions, not realizing what he's doing, making inarticulate screams and turning his ass to the world, to the whole world .
Putin's mental illness is escalating! He is becoming the sick man of our civilization, and it will soon become mercilessly clear that Putin needs to be brought down – at least with a political straitjacket, because the world will not be able to bear an elephantine dose of Putin's insanity.
I am sure – the world will not be able to bear an elephant's dose of Putin's insanity!

Fourth, when analyzing the course of the War in Ukraine, as a rule, only the processes related to the course of the War itself are monitored. But in fact, not less, but even more important are the processes in Russia.
Russia is a territory swollen with cataclysms and roadlessness, which, like a black hole, swallows everything related to development and, even more obviously, to the existence of Russia. At the top of Russia is a gang of brazen and greedy oligarchs, stepping on the throat of the state and the people – like an organized, but constantly disorganizing criminal group. Everything in Russia - economy, finance, ecology, military industry, trade, services, standard of living, education, healthcare, etc. hanging in the balance.
Russia is like a faulty Russian pressure cooker - a pressure cooker which, by design and construction, is doomed to self-explode and throw off its lid, dousing everything around it with scalding water - so that the entire Russian organism is covered with monstrous blisters and fetid scabs.
The collapse of Russia's state apparatus is only a matter of time. The days of Putin's Russia are numbered.
I am sure – the days of Putin's Russia are numbered!
This is what I can say, this is what I think, worrying about Ukraine dear to my heart.
But I think it is both clear and logical to say and realize - I am worried not only about Ukraine, but also about the world, about the West, about Europe. And above all for Bulgaria.
The fate of Bulgaria is closely tied to the fate of Ukraine.
The loss of Ukraine in the war will become a huge tragedy for Bulgaria.
Ukraine's victory in the war will prove to be an exceptional chance for Bulgaria to finally become a normal, democratic, European and modern country.