Consciousness - Monster

The Russian film "Za nas s vami" (About Us and You, 2023) has somehow passed through the needle ears of the new censorship. It shows quite strongly and to a large extent objectively the perversions in the USSR from the 1950s - with all their cruelty and mindlessness.

Previously, there were countless objective opinions about such films on Russian cinema sites. People tried to say what they thought. Moreover, the film is an event, it's even strange how men in power missed it.
Now, however, the "reviews" are extreme and condemning, mainly with only insults and curses: anti-Sovietism, slander, disgusting, Zionist filth!

The war is causing enormous material and human damage to Ukraine, but it is also causing colossal spiritual and cultural damage to Russia!
Russia, after losing this War (and Russia will in any case and in any scenario lose it), will be overrun with spiteful and bitter, offended and depraved people who blame the whole world for the failure of their country and the isolation they are in dropped out.

All other defeats of the War will somehow be overcome, but what is happening to the minds of the vast majority of people in Russia - poisoned by Putin's propaganda and shaken by the heavy loss on all fronts, not just the combat - will be difficult to heal for decades to come

Public consciousness in Russia is turning into a Monster. It is difficult for me to find a milder word for this consciousness, I say it with sorrow and pity.