Russia in general and Pu Tin in particular had perfect relations with the West. The West paid absolutely correctly, now and immediately, honestly and honorably for the pleasure of using Russian energy resources. Huge amounts of oil and gas flowed in one direction, and of euros and dollars in the other.
Russian top politicians, top chekists, top military officers, top policemen, oligarchs, billionaires, ordinary millionaires, very rich people and just plain rich people bought up Western real estate and movable property, shares in whatever companies they wanted and politicians from whatever parties they preferred. Their children, wives - legal and illigal, lovers and most regular concubines lived in the West or at least went shopping there every month. At least several cities in the West ranked among the cities with the largest number of Russians in the world, including the Russian cities themselves in this statistic.
In fact, the West maintained the material well-being of Russia, and Russia felt good despite the colossal social stratification in society and the frantic robbery of 95% of Russians by the 5% super-satisfied elite.

At the same time, China infiltrated Russia's borders, took over small and slightly larger, and even medium-sized Russian businesses, bought oil, gas, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, wood, meat, fish, alcohol, cigarettes with too long delayed, often very long delayed and sometimes forgotten payment, and at ever lower prices.
Where the national wealth of Russia is - the middle and middle-eastern and eastern part, – there are 10 million Russians on one side of the border and 1 billion Chinese on the other side of the border. Guess Who will beat Whom?
In its "Centennial Marathon" strategy [according to which China must – by 2049, i.e. to the centenary of the proclamation of the PRC, – become not a great power, but the Great Power], Russia has been assigned the place of a raw appendage, of a younger sister, which China will use as a military sanitary cordon between itself and the West, but also as a beautiful maiden with a frivolous demeanor who can seduce the West to weaken his concentration and distract him attention (probably also whom China provides for the use of the West for a more intimate purpose, and she, while making love to the West, learns and brings to China Western technological secrets and power intentions).
There is no greater, catastrophic and apocalyptic danger to the national security and territorial integrity of Russia than China!

Let's think now if in the Kremlin was not a sociopath with megalomaniac ambitions and a dictatorial drive, what should Russia's strategic priorities be?

--- peaceful, mutually beneficial, partnership, cooperative relations with the West on the principle "Friendship is friendship, oil and gas for in money"; and
--- multidirectional, precisely calculated, carefully dosed and extremely vigilant containment of China, which as well surpasses Russia in terms of GDP, military power, human resources, and financial potential, but unlike the West, has undoubted territorial claims against Russia , does not consider it an equal partner, carries out demographic expansion against it (to emphasize it - Russians go to the West, not Westerners to Russia; Chinese go to Russia, not Russians to China) and seeks to get its hands on Russian energy and industrial raw materials - if not literally, then in terms of price.

Instead, Pu Tin decided to go to war with the West on the territory of Ukraine, rallied the West, strengthened and expanded NATO, showed himself to be an unsustainable military power, collapsed the Russian economy, disintegrated Russian finances, and significantly reduced the standard of living of the average Russian person in 14 months.
At the same time, Pu Tin has turned Russia into a vassal of China, a call-girl for China's lust; personally, Pu Tin humiliates himself before Comrade Xi; for the first time in at least two, if not three centuries, Russia is a junior partner, a secondary pseudo-ally at that in some far from equal relations; China has received colossal price discounts on everything it sucks, sniffs, caresses and grabs from Russia.
Russia is Asianizing at a rapid pace and in fact is already an Asianized country with a small European enclave. In the huge Asianized body of the dinosaur Russia of Pu Tin, 20% of the Russians live and there is 80% of the Russian territory, while in the head of the dinosaur, in the small European enclave, 80% of the Russians live on only 20% of the Russian territory.
Such an asymmetrical Asianized dinosaur cannot be viable, it is infinitely unstable and the small head is unable to control and coordinate the clumsy, archaic, stupefied, primary cannon fodder supplying dinosaur body.

If some perfidious, sinister, cynical and pathologically Russophobic enemy of Russia wanted to marginalize, depersonalize, exhaust and make her a laughing stock, he would have advised Pu Tin to do just that, which Pu Tin did.

In fact, if we forget for a moment that Ukraine is paying a bloody price both for the follies of Russia and for the painfully, too slowly emerging from the zone of its comfortable complacency the West, in the geostrategic stupidity and geopolitical blindness of Pu Tin there is something very useful for the World, for the West, for Europe and for Russia (yes, for Russia too). And that is that it will become mercilessly clear that Russia cannot exist as the monster that Pu Tin's quarter-century of unchecked and paranoid power has turned it into.

After Pu Tin and having suffered a military defeat in the war against the West, in which Ukraine is fighting for itself, for Europe, for the West and for the World of Democracy, Russia will change.
Russia cannot but change. If Russia wants to exist.

Currently, the behavior of Pu Tin's Russia is that of a stunned, embittered, complex and schizophrenic state with a tumor in its brain. Such a caricature of a country, such a grotesque of a country is unviable. Any option for Russia after Pu Tin is better than the current one, because there is nothing worse, nothing more harmful, nothing more dangerous and nothing more inhuman for Russia than Pu Tin's rule.

Russia is facing a tough chemotherapy ahead of it.
Russia is facing a painful awakening from the Great Russian chauvinist, imperial, aggressive and militaristic dream.
Russia is facing a self-awareness that shakes like a wave of shock convulsions.
Russia is facing a painful but salutary catharsis.
Russia will not get away with anything I just wrote about.
Russia deserves it. But Russia needs it. Because Russia can take a different way. European way. Democratic way. Civilized way. The only useful and life-saving way for her.

I just said "Russia can", but whether Russia really can, its life after Pu Tin will show. We can argue about "can", but we shouldn't argue about "should", I think. Or at least - I don't mind arguing. Because I firmly believe that Russia should. And I allow myself to hope that Russia can. Still can…