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Putin is Russia's tumor

In recent years, primary, secondary and higher education in Russia has been militarized and indoctrinated. The young generation undergoes constant military training and is inspired with Great Russian chauvinism and praise of the genius Putin. It is systematically nurtured and prepared as cheap cannon fodder for Putin's insane goals.
And that's pretty fertile breeding ground for war-loving Russian-Imperial zombies!
A catastrophically large number of young people in Russia live in material poverty and spiritual misery. With alcoholic parents or themselves already damaged by alcohol, with pit toilets in the yard, without a bathroom and other sanitary facilities at home, functionally illiterate, deprived of a future and normal social realization, offended by the whole world and experiencing themselves as victims, blaming The West, NATO, the USA, Europe for their hopeless situation. These young people are the result of Putin's Timelessness. And they can turn into a dangerous incendiary mixture, capable of causing terrible fires and serious upheavals, including geopolitical ones.
Today, Russia is the sick man of Europe and Asia. Russia needs treatment. Russia’s tumor is Putin.


Ode to Kharkiv

In how many days did Putin really hope to take Kiev?
Folklore and expert gossip speak of 3 days.
I have no doubt that Putin hoped this would be done in no more than a week.
Such were the mass beliefs in Russia.
Unfortunately, they were like that in Bulgaria as well.

And there is no Politburo

September 1984 - February 1985
The distant, alas, my youth.
The world title match is being played between the champion Anatoly Karpov, the darling of the social system, the spoiled child of the Soviet Union, and Garry Kasparov (12 years younger and apparently, like 21 years more alive), the thorn in the side of power, the stepchild of USSR Chess Federation.
The match is up to 6 wins and an unlimited number of games.
Karpov leads 5:0.
Kasparov chooses the tactic of exhaustion. Draw after draw, draw after draw.
Karpov is tired. The result becomes 5:1, after 15 games - 5:2, and immediately 5:3.
Karpov is groggy, left without strength, visibly shaken, obviously unfocused.
The Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU intervened and the match was stopped. Thus the Regime saves its pet.

Today, BahmUt is like this match.
In the role of Karpov are the rashists. And of Kasparov - the Ukrainians.
The rashists gave thousands of victims, a huge amount of equipment. No result. Street after street, house after house are passing into Ukrainian hands.
Rashists are groggy, left without strength, visibly shaken, obviously unfocused.

But there is no Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU to save them.


Russia's turn will come

The Soviet Bloc: The USSR and the Proxies.
When all the proxies gave up on the USSR, the Soviet Bloc collapsed.
And then the USSR collapsed.

Georgia is just the beginning. The war against Ukraine showed the ugly and dangerous, expansionist and militaristic face of Russia. All its neighbors and satellites realized how dangerous it is to be together with Russia.

History will repeat itself!

The Post-Soviet Bloc: Russia and the Proxies.
Once all the proxies give up on Russia, the Post-Soviet Bloc will collapse.
And then it will be Russia's turn.


Collective stigma is inevitable

At another rashist atrocity, a colleague told me - not all Russians are like that!
No, not all of them are like that. But during and for a long, long time after That war, the entire USSR spoke with hatred, disgust and curse about the Germans. Not that they weren't all like that.
Collective stigma is inevitable.
Wars are started by chiefs, but fought by peoples.
That is why the King Rat hiding in the bunker caused many years of hard-to-repair damage to the entire people of Russia. He turned Russia into a monster, a monster that billions of people on the planet hate or fear.
And the attitude especially towards the Russians (because there is a weak distinction between R-O-SSIA and R-U-ssians in the public consciousness) for a very, very long time will be like a seriously ill and failed, embittered and paranoid, fearful and complex people. Nothing that not all Russians are like that, and even that most Russians are not like that at all...


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