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Warning, not for the faint of heart!

Friend from Russia:
- My mother told me how, after the Great War, there were gangs of officers and militiamen in the cities, who collected and took somewhere away from human eyes disabled people from the war, and especially the "samovars" - the armless and legless ones.
Today, two parents put a young man, a "samovar", almost without arms and legs on the trolleybus. There were upperclassboys in the trolley. When they saw this invalid, they fell silent. Apparently, they thought that this is what awaits them too, by sending them to Ukraine!

It was the same then...

In Ukraine, mainly near BakhmUt, but not only there, the rashists give countless victims - soldiers and officers in numbers such as several companies and up to a battalion are utilized of in a day. The thawing fields are strewn with the bodies of beardless boys, chmobiks, paratroopers, criminals, people of non-Russian nationality and of non-Orthodox religiosity.

At the same time, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, super expensive restaurants are packed to the brim; highlife nightlife overflows with orgies like during the times of Caligula and Nero combined; the elite revel in all manner of and frankly perverse pleasures; the rich live as if for the last time and splash money as if it were the end of the world.

What does it matter, it is not important, who cares, what about the fact that somewhere far away, in the lands of Ukraine, the common people are dying by hundreds and thousands!!

It was the same during the First World War. When the so-called February and October revolutions, the Civil War and the obscurantism of Bolshevism-Chekism-Leninism-Stalinism and the wild barbarism of the Red Terror against its own people are still to come.


Strategem in Chinese

In a month or a month and a half (after the earth dries up from the slush and mud) the Second Ukrainian Offensive will begin.

Let's recall that the First Ukrainian Offensive completely tore apart the Rashist troops, swept them like second-hand raw materials from the entire Kharkiv region and expelled them shamefully like a bunch of pimpled Red Guards from Kherson.

Common features and differences between fascism and rashism

Without the necessary completeness and sufficient unconditional argumentation, I will say the following here:
Fascism and rashism have a lot in common.
But there is no equal sign between them.
The main thing is that these are two misanthropic ideologies that have seized power in a single country and have the potential to cause colossal troubles to Europe in particular and to humanity in general.
In fact, fascism caused these colossal disasters, and rashism is about to do the same. If not stopped and restrained.
But I am sure - rashism will be stopped and restrained!

On dictators and democrats

Since the seizure of Crimea and until now, my position has been unchanged.
More simply, my position can be formulated as follows:
You don't protect the Sudetenland, you get a fascist War.
You don't defend Crimea, you get a rashist War.

Dictators see any concession by the Democrats as weakness. And they get meaner and creepier after that.
Dictators must be stopped and deterred not when you want to, but when you have to. It's too risky to say better late than never.
Well, let's say it, better late than never. But it is even more true that better on time than late. And it's best to do this ahead of time!
Because if you don't do it in advance or at least on time, then one has to pay many times more expensively. Especially a bitter price must pay those who have come face to face with the dictatorial hordes. And they pulled the chestnuts out of the fire, while you indulged in geopolitical analyzes and geostrategic forecasts.


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