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Comrade Xi as the Sun King

Pro-Ukrainian commentator:
Comrade Xi, as the Sun King, went to one of his fiefdoms, ordered unquestioningly new taxes and levies, assembled the local aristocracy, laid his hand on the head of the kneeling Pu, and said:
- I announce to you my servants and subjects that for a few more years this will be my choice as your ruler and my vassal!


Nothing but from the whole Chinese heart

There is no room for panic when talking about the meeting of Communist Comrade Xi and International Criminal Pu!
Nixon-Kissinger once played the China card against the USSR with considerable success. But now it is too much of an exaggeration to believe that Comrade Xi is playing the Russian card against the US with the same success.

China does not need a strong Russia.
China needs a weak Russia.

Putin and Xi - nothing for everything.

Putin will hear banal phrases and lofty words about a strategic partnership in the security and energy spheres.
Xi will receive further concessions on energy prices that will deepen Russia's descent into an increasingly cheap commodity appendage in its asymmetric relationship with China.


And these Rumors About the West are Greatly Exaggerated

I read this title
"Financial Times": European defense industry may not fulfill expected orders for Ukraine.
Together with the Army, the Police, the Special Services, and in the last 1-2 decades, the Civil Security (the system of institutions related to emergency situations),
The Defense industry has always been a key part of the State as a producer of security and its strategic pillar.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West gradually abandoned the idea (allowed itself the illusion to believe) that it would hardly ever have to wage war in its own security space.
And as a result, the Western Defense industry (or rather, the Western defense industries) has almost be-come more or less one of all other industries.
The Defense industry, however, was never just one of all industries!
Unfortunately, in the new situation of peace dividends and Western complacency, the Western Defense industry began to pursue only its own, mercantile, selfish goals – financial, commercial above all. It focuses on arms sales in areas of global or regional insecurity. Areas that are far away, where there are gray areas, pseudo-states, failing and failed states. Where, who knows why, people – probably because of their primitiveness, like to destroy each other and cannot get along through conversations, negotiations and agreements.
The arrogance, so to speak, of the White man, or more precisely, of the people of the White States...
After a certain period of stress and stupor from the rashist aggression against Ukraine,
after painful and catalyzing processes of sobering up reflections,
The West realized that it had to change its attitude towards the Defense industry, to remember that it is a key part of the State as a producer of security and its strategic pillar.
The West realized that it would have to go to war, fight in its own security space as well.
And this requires a qualitatively new attitude towards the Defense industry. And to the Army as well.

The International Criminal Court - Putin is doomed

Yes, the decision of the International Criminal Court in The Hague to issue an arrest warrant for Putin should not be overstated, but it should not be understated either.
This decision is historic! It is an unequivocal stance towards the brutal war of rashism against Ukraine.
The decision is a severe blow to Putin's reputation and defines him as a criminal whose criminal acts fall directly within the jurisdiction of the ICC.
Due to the sheer number of countries recognizing the ICC's jurisdiction, the world practically automatically becomes too unsafe a place for Putin.
In this way, in fact, the ICC is making a timid but significant attempt to help Russia, as long as it is willing to stop its descent into the black hole of isolation and disgrace, into which the Coward from the Bunker is dragging it along with him.
It could be said that today we got another proof that the countdown for Putin has already begun.
Putin is doomed.


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