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I apologize to the Ukrainian people

Friend from Ukraine:
- How is it possible that your Radev takes such a pro-Russian position? For us, this is a heavy blow. Our outrage knows no bounds!
- I've been telling you for a long time that he is an outspoken rashist who surpassed even Orbán. I apologize to the Ukrainian people that we have such a thing for a president!


According to the laws of the mafia

Pu rules Ru under mob law, as its No. 1 mobster.
In the language of the Ru-mafia "krysha" (roof) - this is protection from above, when a weaker gang [or business] is protected by a stronger gang (ie "walks" under it).
For the first time in Ru's history, Pu asked Comrade Xi for "krysha".


Rashist and hypocrite

EU summit on European solidarity and military aid to Ukraine with 1 million shells.
Bulgaria will be represented by what we have as president: an outspoken racist and brutal saboteur of any military support for Ukraine.
He will probably sign or say something hypocritical there.


Simulation of pleasure

[sorry for the language]
- Look at Pu's face when he meets Comrade Xi. Just like the expression on the face of a depraved woman who selfishly gives herself to the neighborhood hooligan and tries with all her might to show and prove him that she enjoys their "communication".


Ask Comrade Xi

How can you go on a 3-day trip to Moscow from Beijing, be greeted with all the pomp, feel like a king, live in super luxury, buy countless energy resources, be served by the Russian president himself and come back five times richer?
Ask Comrade Xi.

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