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The paranoid and his paranoids

With the naked eye, one can see that Putin is a depressed paranoid. He is in the grip of malignant manias. He lives in a parallel reality. He has a nightmarish fear of the future. He is undoubtedly constantly on strong psychotropic drugs.
Putin is so mired in his incurable obsessions that he pathologically needs someone to constantly tell him how he is undeniably and categorically right and that what he believes in and what he perceives is the very undoubted and only truth.
is so eager to imitate him, liked by him, think and talk like him, to think and speak like him, that by pragmatically choosing such self-serving behavior, these people have irrevocably turned into a bunch of depressive paranoids. Until recently, they consciously said what Putin wanted to hear. Now they unconsciously believe what he wants to hear from them and are absolutely unable to speak or think about anything else.


Another lie and new deception

As was obvious and no doubt expected, the Villain in the Kremlin will announce a new moGilization with another 350,000 units of cannon fodder.
First he will again say that there will be nothing of the kind, and later he will order it.
This will be the 17th in a row of lies and deceptions related to the brutal and cynical rashist war against Ukraine, when something is first categorically denied, and then it is panicked or sneakily carried out.


The only goal of the rashist war

At the neighborhood store, a man my age angrily stops me:
- Putin will crush the Ukrainians, and their Bulgarian henchmen, and their European lackeys!

But do such fanatics realize that the goal of the war is only one and has been so since the beginning of this brutal war – to grab as much Ukrainian territory as possible at the cost of everything and at any cost!!?? This is the goal and there was not, there is not and there will be no other goal...


Villain coward

Painfully paranoid, pathologically suspicious, doubting everyone and everything and a proven coward - the insanely cruel and bloodthirsty Stalin dared once, just once, to approach the front line (well, not too close, but still somewhere around it).
But the Villain from the Kremlin does not dare to decide even on this.

On strategic conflicts in the war of rashism with Ukraine

The completely unprovoked and unprecedentedly barbaric war of rashism continues, although winter inevitably slows down some of its operations.
There is increasing talk of a new offensive by the rashists, although it is quite possible that the new offensive will not be by the rashists, but by the brave Ukrainian armed forces.

For me, there is no doubt who will win and who will lose the war in the end.

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