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Even fascists and Islamists sometimes turn pale in front of rashists

In the first half of January 2015, more than 260 people died and about 700 were injured as a result of terrorist attacks in France.
On March 22, 2016, more than 30 people were killed and more than 200 were injured as a result of terrorist attacks in Brussels.
The world was shocked by the atrocities of the Islamists. The moral support for France and Belgium became extremely massive. Condemnation and abhorrence of the Islamic State has united the democratic world. Gradually, the Islamic State was marginalized and its hostile, cannibalistic backbone was broken.

A letter from Ukraine in early 2015, but as it was written today

Digging through e-mail in search of the mail address of my friend from Kharkov, I came across a letter that he sent me on 01/12/2015.
As you read the letter, keep in mind that it was written in early 2015:

“Things are not going well in Ukraine.
Our lives have changed a lot in the last year. What this nasty botox guy from the KGB did together with his gang, unleashing a war against Ukraine and seizing our Ukrainian territory, can only be called banditry and terrorism.

What did the villain from the Kremlin do to his country

„In protest: an Iranian chess player took part in the tournament without a hijab“...
Brave girl! Part of Iran's future.

And the present of Iran is to be part of the Axis of Evil:

Let's also think:
What did the villain from the Kremlin do to his country ! It is perceived as a bandit state, as a rogue state!


A voice from Ukraine

First, they bombarded us with shells and missiles produced in 2000-2020.
Then they bombarded us with shells and missiles produced in 1980-2000.
Now they started bombarding us with shells and missiles produced in 1960-1980.

With the military, it's the exact opposite.
First they pelted us with bodies born in 1970-1980.
Then they pelted us with bodies born in 1980-1990.
Now they started pelting us with bodies born in 1990-2000.

What kind of shells and missiles and what kind of bodies are next for the rashists, guess for yourself!


Putin's biggest enemies

“Prigozhin threatened the Russian oligarchs: The sooner everything is taken away from you, the better.”

Putin's biggest enemies are his civilian circle, the military command, the intelligence community and the media.
The first of them, with every clumsy and idiotic word of theirs, turn the oligarchs against him and make them think feverishly about his alternative.
The second of them fight with amazing clumsiness and outrageous incompetence and at the same time cruelly lie to him about the course of the war, inventing non-existent victories and hiding heavy defeats.
The third of them systematically misinform him, and he does not have an elementary idea about the processes in Russia, the region, Europe and the world.
The fourth of them with his glorification, that has not happened in Russia since the time of Stalin, isolate him in an absolutely fictitious reality, and he is not capable of any adequate solution.


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