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Five trends in the war of rashism against Ukraine in early 2023

2023 may not end the brutal and completely unprovoked rashist war against Ukraine, but in any case, it will be the decisive year for this war!
Another issue is that it is completely unknown what exactly the “end” of such a barbaric war will mean.
Ukraine is doomed to be in the neighborhood with a country that – without catharsis and without Europeanization – is threatened by moral degradation; by the dominance of imperial ambitions leading to a dead end; by the leprosy of Nazi-Russian ideology; by decadent Great Russian chauvinism and egocentrism; by self-destructive Orthodox fundamentalism (and this is provided that this country occupies one of the first places in the world in terms of the number of Muslims).
With such a neighbor, there will be neither peace nor security for Ukraine for a long time to come. Thank God that the Black Sea separates us from this monster!

Dehumanization that could turn more and more Russians into rashists

According to the personal idea of the Villain from the Kremlin (from the bunker), in the last month an extremely dangerous operation on the public consciousness of the Russian people gradually began to gain momentum in his country.
We are talking about the systematic dehumanization of the Ukrainian people.
Streams of insults and slander are pouring in, discrediting and accusing Ukrainians of all kinds of mortal sins. Russian society is turning against the population of Ukraine, and all this begins to rise above the surface, to move – from the websites and newspapers of extreme Russofascists and frank alcoholics and psychopaths in the circle of the Villain – into national propaganda, becoming with increasing force not only the form, but also the content of everything broadcast to the public by means of mass brainwashing of Russians.
Why is such psychological violence being committed against Russian society?


  These Studies on Security contain only the results of my scientific views, research, analyses and models. In other words, they provide a SUMMARY of my MAJOR contributions to the Science of Security.
  The integration of the scientific categories of the „Challenge-Risk-Danger-Threat“ Relationship („CReDiT“), the supplemented definitions according to Frank Knight, the cognitive quantities according to Donald Rumsfeld and the supplemented „swans“ according to Nassim Taleb is shown.

Even fascists and Islamists sometimes turn pale in front of rashists

In the first half of January 2015, more than 260 people died and about 700 were injured as a result of terrorist attacks in France.
On March 22, 2016, more than 30 people were killed and more than 200 were injured as a result of terrorist attacks in Brussels.
The world was shocked by the atrocities of the Islamists. The moral support for France and Belgium became extremely massive. Condemnation and abhorrence of the Islamic State has united the democratic world. Gradually, the Islamic State was marginalized and its hostile, cannibalistic backbone was broken.

A letter from Ukraine in early 2015, but as it was written today

Digging through e-mail in search of the mail address of my friend from Kharkov, I came across a letter that he sent me on 01/12/2015.
As you read the letter, keep in mind that it was written in early 2015:

“Things are not going well in Ukraine.
Our lives have changed a lot in the last year. What this nasty botox guy from the KGB did together with his gang, unleashing a war against Ukraine and seizing our Ukrainian territory, can only be called banditry and terrorism.

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