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Will the West sacrifice Ukraine?

My personal opinion on the war is as follows:

Part of the Western elites are gradually moving to a qualitatively new phase of their attitude to war.
They begin to outline and propagandize scenarios for one degree or another disadvantageous development of the war for Ukraine (increasingly, even for a very disadvantageous development for Ukraine).
Public opinion in the West, which is already tired and disoriented by everything that accompanies this war, is irradiated practically daily that the war must end (as soon as possible) and Ukraine must make compromises that are obviously completely unacceptable to it.

The West: "Russophobes" vs. "Ukrainophiles"

To put it simply:
There is a crack in the West, and that crack is constantly growing.
And this crack in the West is between, conditionally speaking, “Russophobes” and “Ukrainophiles”.
Russia has a bottomless supply of cannon fodder and can pelt the Ukrainian military with countless corpses of its soldiers. Human life in Russia has never been worth a penny.
Russia, you see, could not afford to lose the war.

The only one

The only one who can help Ukraine defeat Russia is the West - if it supports Ukraine with tanks, warplanes, helicopters, long-range missiles and other weapons and equipment for offensive combat operations.
The only one who can prevent Ukraine from defeating Russia is the West - if the West makes an agreement with Russia behind Ukraine's back.


Road to failure

The shortest path to the failure of the West as West is for its top representatives to continue to conduct secret negotiations with Putin behind Ukraine's back!
The Chamberlainship once went through the disgrace of Munich and ended tragically with the Second World War!


Utilization as negative selection

Having cleared Russian prisons and concentration camps of the most brutal and monstrous in their deeds, criminals who deserved more than one death sentence, turning them into the cheapest cannon fodder through the Wagner private army,
now Putin is already sending to the battlefield as cannon fodder, which continues to become cheaper, "ordinary" criminals - those who are sick with intractable and incurable diseases - cancer, AIDS, syphilis, tuberculosis, epilepsy, etc.
Yes, these are convicted criminals or defendants who have been illegally detained in pre-trial detention centers for a long time and most often, but still ...
Sent to battlefield slaughter like cattle, these doomed creatures are in fact effectively euthanized like the Nazis once did with people like them. They were even "saved" from what the Nazis did with such patients - who were sterilized.
They are directly thrown into the furnace, into the jaws of war - and thus subjected to active disposal.
Or, as the Orwellian language of the Putin regime calls their extermination - negative selection.


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