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And it became mercilessly clear

And for the biggest unbelievers, it is already mercilessly clear:
The strategic goals of Ukraine and the West differ and are gradually beginning to even drift apart.
-- Ukraine is aiming for a victory as soon as possible.
-- The West strives for the longest possible war to exhaust Russia as much as possible.


The West ain't what it used to be…

While the West keeps its warplanes, Putin repositions 300 warplanes near the borders with Ukraine.
Ukraine will endure. But at a much higher price.
The West is doing what is necessary so that Ukraine does not lose the war, but it is not doing sufficient to make Ukraine win the war.

The West ain't what it used to be…


Oh, West, West!

Before making the right decision, the West will try all possible wrong ones.
And this incorrectness of the decisions taken today will continue to be paid tomorrow with Ukrainian blood.
Aircraft Ramstein did not give Ukraine combat aircrafts.
He did not give the ATACMS long-range missile complexes.


Russia after Putin

Many say – after Putin an even more tyrannical regime may come in Russia.

Not true!
Or - maybe, but for a very short time.
For three days, three weeks, three months or a maximum for three years.

Putin is less the cause and more the effect of what Russia has degenerated into.
And Russia degenerated because of its imperial obsessions.
Because of his Great Russian ambitions.
Because of its illusion that it is a messiah state.
Because of its delusion that it is a society with a mission.

The fate of dictators

The fate of dictators is like a severe stroke - life can be cut short in an instant, or it can continue in long agony, with enormous difficulties for others.

The same goes for Putin.
Some day not far off, we may wake up with the news that he has been deposed.
And maybe for a very long time his power will agonize and cause enormous suffering to the Russians, to the Ukrainians and to all of us.


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