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What will Putin overthrow?

More nightmarish for Putin's Russia than the Ukrainian counteroffensive is its expectation. Fear, anxiety, stress, panic shake the bunker and the Kremlin. Obscene laws are passed, nuts are tightened until they break and burst, forces are raised to repress Russian people, hysterical commentators spew idiotic nonsense and bullshit.
If I were asked, I would delay this counter-offensive and demonstrate daily how I am accumulating strength and means for it.
Thus Putin will only continue to intensify his power madness; crazy rumors will be floating around Russia; the authorities will wonder how to further humiliate Russian people; chaos and anarchy in economics and finance will increase; the ruble will continue to fall; queues in front of exchange offices will turn into rallies of desperate discontent. And from the smallest spark a flame can break out; and the smallest drop may overflow the cup; and the smallest pebble can overturn the car; and the smallest grain of sand can cause the sand pile to collapse.
Putin will fall victim not to a huge cataclysm, but to something small, insignificant, imperceptible, at first glance negligible, which will topple the entire rotten dictatorial pyramid of his medieval, misanthropic, sociopathic and paranoid power...


Again about the fake in NYT

I read whatever was in the NYT.
I listened to whatever analysis I could listen to.
I remain convinced that this is a fake. A candid and uncluttered active event.
It's not even entirely in the spirit of info-manipulation: The truth, only the truth, always the truth, but never the whole truth.

Why do I think it's fake?

This Russia is dying

Friend, Russian after the Bill On Electronic Military Enlistment.
This Russia is going crazy.
This Russia is dying.
They think this Russia dying from above, because of the One in the bunker.
No, this Russia is dying mainly from below. Below there is no society, no critical thinking, no will to change, no instinct for self-preservation.



Russia in general and Pu Tin in particular had perfect relations with the West. The West paid absolutely correctly, now and immediately, honestly and honorably for the pleasure of using Russian energy resources. Huge amounts of oil and gas flowed in one direction, and of euros and dollars in the other.

There will be no mercy

The NYT leaks are fake. NYT in search of sensation and audience gave them publicity. It's nostalgia for the days when the NYT and WP could bring down politicians and even presidents. That time is almost gone. Those USA - almost too. So the NYT did some damage to Ukraine.
But the NYT fake won't stop Ukraine's counteroffensive. It will be massive, decisive, sweeping and cruel. Yes, cruel. There will be no mercy. There cannot be an iota of doubt about that.
According to my analysis and assumptions, the counteroffensive will start in early May, probably around May 4th.


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