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Diptych about the dirty war of rashism against Ukraine

My friend from Kharkiv:
- Having suffered defeat after defeat from our soldiers, the Russian aggressors are now at war with our civilians. They want to break us. Do you know what it's like to be without electricity, without light, without heating, without drinking water on November 1, 2022!? And to keep my 93-year-old mother alive, all this is damn necessary! Today I saw tears running down her old wrinkled face. And she once told me that she cried all her tears during the Great War, when her two brothers, sister and father did not return from the front. Even when dad was gone, she did not shed a tear, although she loved him very much. I asked her: Mom, why are you crying? And she: Because I will no longer be alive when Ukraine wins this war, and then I will not be able to rejoice for the last time ...

The West must stop paying attention to the nuclear blackmail of the Kremlin aggressor

In fact, the only thing left for the Kremlin aggressor after the wooden Iranian drones - like a grotesque memorial service for the great Russian military-industrial complex – it is his nuclear blackmail.
Naturally, no one knows what is in the head of this geostrategic maniac and geopolitical cyclophrenic. But it's a fact - his nuclear blackmail works. And this portends nightmarishly difficult days for Ukraine, Europe, the West and the world as a whole.

New consequences in Russia as a result of the brutal war against Ukraine

I keep in constant contact with friends from Russia. It strikes me that there are two themes in their (independent) narratives.

First, they are writing about the fact that the resettlement of entire families and a wide circle of relatives has arisen and is becoming more frequent - from settlements near the war zones inland. People decide literally from today to today and leave without telling their neighbors and friends. They load their cars with huge luggage and just leave.
Their hearts are healed, their souls are aching. They are afraid that they will not break through the cordons of soldiers and policemen with machine guns and masks on their faces. They fear that their homes will be ransacked as soon as it becomes clear that they have left them.

The King Rat. And the West as Dr. Frankenstein

The war against Ukraine of the King Rat hiding in his bunker has entered a new phase.
The incredible, unexpected, irrefutable and unavoidable successes of Ukraine on the war fronts have convincingly shown and proven that Ukraine is winning military battles, and it is only a matter of time before it wins an even greater victory, which will be the worst defeat of the Kremlin army since the Great Patriotic War, surpassing even the inglorious losses and panicked retreat in Afghanistan.

About the war of rashism against Ukraine

As is well known - and I did not invent it - it is very difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.
It is even more difficult to predict how the war of rashism against Ukraine will continue and how it will end.
Perhaps, guided by the maxim that words fly away, but what is written remains, I will try to predict in the near future how, in my opinion, the processes will develop in this cruel and unprovoked war of the Kremlin’s villain against the Ukrainians – let my written words stay and whoever wants, let him will know - what I assumed and predicted, so that later it would be possible to judge whether I was right or not, instead of attributing to me what does not belong to me, what I never said, much less I never thought, and all sorts of other absurdities.

And now I will only say the following.

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