The new monstrous terrorist act by the rashists is also part of the psychological (psychic) campaign against the West to pressure Zelensky to stop the War based on the Peace vs. Territories formula (which will be launched as Peace vs. Security).
Putin's logic is perverse, but he is a freak and cannot have any other logic. A NATO summit is coming up and Putin is sending it a bloody message.

As I am convinced and write about it – the US, Europe and China are pushing hard and coordinated to stop the War by the end of the year.
Putin is bad, the war only brings him losses, and he keeps upping the ante with the same perverse logic.

The Russian economy is overheated, the possibilities to increase the military production of the factories have been exhausted, the budget is falling, China dominates Russia in its economy, and this is a step before the dominance in its politics.
Russia can propagandistically support and resourcefully support the War at the current rate only until the end of 2024. It is not clear how Putin will fare economically and financially in 2025. It is difficult to recruit people for the War, they raised the wages for those who are hired to fight to the cosmic 1,800,000 - 2,000,000 rubles! And yet there are not only sufficient, but also the necessary amount of willing.
Business dissatisfaction is growing massively, recently this dissatisfaction is even being articulated out loud. More and more open. Very soon they will raise the interest rate again - to 18%, 18.5%, 19%.

The West is also putting strong pressure on Zelensky. The West is becoming reluctant to provide financial and material support to Ukraine.
The West has so far done this without much harm to its standard of living, and from now on it must begin to lower it slightly - something that Western public opinion does not want to hear, it wants a life like before the War.

Hitler once said the same thing - between Czechoslovakia and afternoon tea, they would choose afternoon tea...

I'm not convinced that Western society, spoiled by 35 years of peaceful dividends, will this time want to shop not supermarket trolleys filled to overflowing and like with alpine hills, but simply trolleys full to the brim.
Which Western politician will dare to say - in the name of victory over Bunkernia, we must reduce consumption by 4% and reduce our standard of living by 2%?
And there are also European championships, wimbledonw, olympics, premier leagues - all things that we cannot deprive ourselves of because of some Ukrainian territorial whims - somewhere over there, beyond Europe...

And most importantly - on the horizon is the absolutely unpredictable and dangerous Trump - an evil populist, demagogue, crook and politicopath... With whom everything is possible in the land of unlimited opportunities.

I begin to trust only in Him who is in heaven.
I believe - He cannot forgive this - killing innocent children with cancer. His punishment will be severe - such as only He can inflict.
And Putin will howl from grief and pain, from fear and terror.
It's just a shame that it won't bring back the tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainian victims.
It will not improve the broken health and frayed nerves of my Ukrainian brothers and sisters, with whom I have been bound by nearly 50 years of faithful and true friendship.



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