There is no reason to lie to ourselves - Putin's Russia is a monster, it is a barbaric tumor on the periphery of Europe and its metastases can easily be transferred to the European organism.
Putin's Russia is the biggest threat to the very existence of a United Europe, of Europe itself.
Putin's Russia may become the bane of our so beautiful, so attractive, sentimental and complacent Europe...
Ugly, monstrous processes are taking place in Russia, where chauvinism turns into Satanism.
In Russia, it is both terrible and scary.
New and new layers of society are getting sick from madness, from hatred for everything Other, from grudge for any Difference and contempt for any Normality.
Putin's administration suffered a terrible failure – it could not build a prosperous, developed, democratic, civilized state.
Whole regions in this Russia live miserable, criminal, alcoholic, with a low hygiene culture unimaginable for Europeans, with toilets in the yard like a board with a hole.
The economy of Putin's Russia is low-tech, 95% of its income comes from the export of strategic raw materials – oil, gas, uranium, diamonds, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood...
It's a totally wrong way to exist, it's a dead end.
Nothing new, effective, productive, aimed at people and Man is being created in Russia. Everything is an import – legal, semi-legal, semi-illegal, contraband!
Such an existence is doomed…
And so, over the past dozen years, Putin and his organized crime group that has taken over Russia have chosen a different path. They chose шгся quite consciously and absolutely cynically.
Unable to produce anything creative, unable to make their state rich and efficient, orderly and prosperous, they, like predators, decided to indulge in plunder.
This is their strategy, if the predator's cruelty and cannibalism can be called a strategy.
This is the STRATEGY of LOOTING.
The "strategy" of taking away from others everything that you yourself cannot and do not know how to create, but you want to have and have firmly decided to have.
Look around – but with the eyes and rapacity of Putin and his organized crime group.
Look around to the North, to the South, to the East, to the West. And answer yourself – where is there to plunder and loot, to appropriate and seize?
What do you mean where!?
Only in the West.
Only in Europe.
This is the treacherous, dark Objective of this Strategy of Looting.
Putin and his criminal gang have set as a strategic goal the looting of Europe!
No, these are not scary jokes and funny scarecrows.
This is the Truth itself. And it may turn out to be a self-fulfilling Fate, Karma of Europe.
Putin's hordes lick themselves ravenously for everything Europe has. And as much as Europe has, no one else has. Europe has Freedom, and Normality, and Social Protection, and Human Rights, and Living Standards.
The robberies in Ukraine – of washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, freezers, toilet bowls, equipment of hospitals, of nurseries and kindergartens, of schools and universities – this is precisely the Strategy of Looting.
As barbarian tribes once raced across Europe and plundered it at Sunset and after the Fall of the Roman Empire.
And objects of looting are not only material goods.
Women are also objects of looting. Sometimes they are first objects. Brutal rape – this is what the barbarian tribes bring to the Lands, which they ravage and plunder.
Let pro-rashists in Bulgaria have no illusions – their mothers, wives, sisters, daughters are in the same danger before the face and loins of the barbarian hordes. Look at what these hordes did in the captured Ukrainian territories – they did not choose – they brutally raped pro-Ukrainian Ukrainian women, pro-Russian Ukrainian women, Russian women, Tatar women, and Bulgarian women. Yes, and the Bulgarian women too...
All fell under their animal lust.
Just as the Red Army raped monstrously, in hordes, repeatedly, including with bottles and the barrel of machine guns, and the Soviet women who ended up in Hitler's captivity – along with the German women.
Violence has become so inherent to this ugly country that it does not matter whether Bolsheviks, Leninists, Stalinists, Brezhnevists, Chekists, Kagebists, Putinists are in power in it. Violence is part of its so-called political 'culture'. This is a country whose name and rulers change, but the internal need for ferocious violence does not.
The tortures, the murders, the beatings, the violence, the rapes, the breaking of heads, limbs and spines, the breaking of psyches, dignity and beliefs – this is the way in which the showdown is carried out with everyone and for everything and for every self-will, called thought, position, principle, belief.
We Bulgarians saw this in full force:
After September 9, 1944, the Stalinist agents in the management of the Bulgarian state first destroyed the intelligentsia, the thinking, the cadres, the educated, the politically active, the opposition in general.
And then they dealt with the local communists, internationalists, socialists and opportunists within their own party.
The Soviet repressive system is tuned to violence, to brute force, to beatings and mercilessly crushing the body and psyche of anyone who voluntarily or involuntarily falls under its machine.
And there is a 100% probability that this will happen in Bulgaria, if the Putinists seize power in our country and take up residence at all levels of the state. Then Bulgaria will become one big Bucha. Because Bucha – this is the main thing that this system can do with its machine of violence.
Europe is in trouble! In terrible trouble. Not since that Hitler has there been such trouble as Europe is facing. But today's Hitler has a nuclear weapon...
If Europe does not come to its senses, new dark ages await it – like those when Europe was orphaned without the integrating power of the Roman Empire.
Russia must be stopped – as soon as possible. Because otherwise it will be too late.



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