Putin is a pathological liar.
He can't do anything but lie.
He lives a lie.
He rules with lie.
He IS a Lie.
But when the disease is called terrorism, and Putin makes an absolutely false diagnosis of this disease, it means that the disease will continue to rage in Russia's organism.

We have seen only the beginning of terrorist acts in Russia.
There is no doubt about that.

The internal security system in Russia serves Putin's lies. It fights not with those it should; not in the way it should; not with the ends for which it should, not with the means by which it should.

The repressive services in Russia are deprofessionalized and demoralized, bloated and disorganized, cynical and careerist, cruel and impotent.
They are the sword of Putin and his clique of billionaires and are pathologically incapable of being a shield for society.

Now the Second Front will open against Putin - that of terrorism.



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