Western democracies in general (and especially their leaders) silently contemplated or pretended not to notice the extermination (Holocaust) of European Jews by Hitler's sinister machinery of violence.
The same is generally repeated today – in the extermination of Ukrainians by Putin's sinister machine of violence.

As long as the War does not come to them, the European democracies try to live as if there is no war. They are excited by worldly news and mundane gossip, by leisure and entertainment opportunities, by goods and fashion, by vile films and scandalous books, by boxing and the Olympic Games (which were held in the heart of Nazi Germany).
The same is generally repeated today – when Europe is excited by Real-Barcelona, Manchester City-Manchester United, by series and film festivals, by Viennese balls and crises in the British royal family...

The propensity for violence and the ability to kill with cruelty has nothing to do with intelligence, education, upbringing, profession, social position. Suddenly the beast in man awakens and he begins to spray skulls with bullets, to beat innocent creatures with butts and clubs, to cannibalistically abuse defenseless victims, to take a perverse sadistic pleasure in killing.
The same is generally repeated today – in Ukraine – by ordinary Russians, from „the most reading nation in the world“.
But the same thing can happen (and I am sure that if they manage to turn Bulgaria in a rashist direction) it will happen (again) in Bulgaria. People with whom we know each other, with whom we are even colleagues or close in interests and hobbies, intelligent and decent heads of families in the house, those with whom we go to the game together and are from the same team, will show a sinister face and begin to beat, to rape, to kill, to pillage, to abuse, and to act barbarously and impudently without restraint.
4. Then:
Totalitarian, dictatorial regimes have shown a colossally greater ability than democracies to make quick and non-negotiable decisions of vital importance, to mobilize their populations on a large scale to wage war, to work in factories in three and four shifts, to undertake inhuman efforts, to becoming cannon fodder. Non-democratic states fight more ferociously, more inhumanly, more exaltedly and more self-sacrificingly than democratic ones.
Whatever the help and whatever the participation of the USA and the European democracies (and they are not small at all), the great victory over Hitlerism was withheld by its Siamese twin – Stalinism.
The West spared itself and the people, was unforgivably and downright vilely slow with the Second Front, "warred" selfishly with the shedding of mainly foreign blood, acted only when the knife rested to the bone, and otherwise tried to twist, to trick, to pacify, to save its money and spare its nerves, it tried to get through with a minimum of effort and as little damage as possible, no matter how many millions of lives around the world it would cost.
The same is generally repeated today – with this catastrophic difference, that against rashism there is no other nasty regime that can fight self-destructively and exhaustingly with it, but there is only the bravest, the truest, the brightest and the most the tragic nation – the Ukrainian. Whose blood flows, gushes, spurts, pours like from a million geysers. And Ukrainian blood flows not only because of the ghastly cruelties of rashism, but also because of the buffalo indifference and the tapir thick-skinnedness of the West sperm her destiny and to his own, the West's destiny, fate, fortune and karma.
Isn't it shameless and insane that Iran has given Russia 11 times more drones than the entire EU, and North Korea has given Russia 5 times more missiles in the last 3 months than the entire "collective" West!!!!



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