The Putin-RibbenTrump Pact

The RibbenTrump pact looms over the Democratic world with ominous power.
Let's make no illusions. Trump is not the disease, but its most dangerous and insidious syndrome. It is the disease that is beginning to creep into US society. This society is sick, and if it does not find the strength to recover, the disease will become incurable.

The role of disgusting and negative persons - such as Hitler, Putin, Trump - in History is huge.
But! One big But.
But the most brutal acts of this ugly and nasty race of persons become possible only when their societies reach the extreme level of pathology, when disgusting moral degradations occur there.

A similar level of pathology, such moral degradations have already occurred in Russian society.
It's not all ugly yet, but it's already ugly in general. It has become cowardly, cynical, callous, misanthropic.
It follows blindly after its foolish and soulless Chief.
It feels no pity for the Ukrainian victims, misfortunes, suffering and destruction, it even feels a horse's, if not an elephant's, dose of sadism regarding them.
It - shockingly - even enjoys the War. And it profits from it. It enjoys the War precisely because it profits from the War. Nothing that this win is a pyrrhic one, nothing that this profit is a pyrrhic profit during a plague.

Once upon a time in Russia, most people said: If only there would be no war!
Now most people say: Good thing there is War!

Russians deserve Putin.
The question is, what did the Democratic world do to deserve Putin to fall on our heads and become an existential threat to our very existence?



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