I saw some wonderful pictures from the Vienna Opera Ball on Facebook. I immediately heard the wonderful sounds of Strauss's „At The Beautiful Blue Danube“. But I said to myself – Vienna opera ball during the plague. Vienna opera ball during Bucha.
Such a ball also took place when, not far away, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo and the world collapsed in the horror of the world war. It was a Viennese ball during the plague.
Today, We, Europe, the West, the Democratic world find ourselves (I am not the only one saying this) as in 1938. Once again, chamberlains from all countries unite – Let us agree with the dictator, let us cede to him lands predominantly populated by his compatriots! Let us satisfy his voracious appetites and continue to live peacefully!
Today, We, Europe, the West, the Democratic world must look at the geostrategic, geopolitical, geomilitary and geocivilizational clock – it shows September 1938. And it counts one year to September 1939.
It is an absolute illusion that we can get away with doing nothing, watching Real - Barcelona, Manchester City - Manchester United, admiring the Vienna Opera Ball.
No, it does not mean that we should stop getting excited about the great football matches. No, it doesn't mean that the wonderful opera balls have to stop.
This means that neither the common people nor the lifelong and elected aristocrats can live only with the matches and only with the balls.
Do you hear something ticking like a time bomb? This is the bomb that Evil, the dictators, the tyrants, the demons of Non-Democracy have placed under our world. They cannot win the battle for the future of this world of ours. That's why they want to destroy it.
And if we let them – they will destroy it.
If nothing else, at least read Stefan Zweig's wonderful book "The World of Yesterday. Memories of a European". In it, the first chapter is called "The World of Security" – this is the same world in which there were, by the way, Vienna Operas balls.
And after that...
And after that, with a swift suddenness, this World of security has collapsed. Before the last sounds of Strauss's " At The Beautiful Blue Danube " have stopped in the Vienna Opera.
Because today We, Europe, the West, the Democratic world, like ostriches, have buried our heads in the sand of indifference, carelessness, indolence and insanity.


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