FSB is throwing up a lot of “dirty ducks”, rumors, fakes, deceptions and provocations, and everyone in Ukraine, all over the world and in Bulgaria gets excited, inspired and begins to comment on them!

Of course, one can understand – during the years of such a brutal War, it is logical that something like a cult of personality of General ZA arises!
But he is “just” a general!
War, especially this one, is too complex and dangerous a matter to be left in the hands of generals alone!
In the West, under democracy, generals are subordinate to the ministers of defense and the supreme commanders (presidents). Defense ministers are civilians. Yes, perhaps they were once military men (this also happens), but like ministers, they are politicians. They are politicians! Not the military...

Ukraine must come to its senses - there is no such option: Either-Or,
Either President ZE, or General ZA!
There is not and it cannot be! This is ritual suicide, this is the beginning of the end, and no amount of 60 or 50 billion will help, even if they are provided, and they will be provided!

For Ukraine there is only one option: And - And!
And President ZE, and and General ZA!

You should know that generals can only talk about War. Politicians can talk about Politics and about War!
In the West there is a firm rule – a military man posing himself as a politician is dismissed!
Once upon a time, Douglas MacArthur, the most decorated American military general, decided to act independently, ignoring the political leadership of the country. And President Harry Truman fired him.

I am both for President ZE and for General ZA!
My humble personal opinion is that General ZA should focus on the War and work on his mistakes. Because mistakes in the conduct of combat operations are the mistakes of the leader of combat operations, of the General No. 1!

General ZA should leave politics to the politicians.
His interview some time ago in The Economist, in addition to having a depressing effect on Ukrainian public opinion with its pessimistic alarmism and partially clipping Ukraine’s wings, was to some extent a politicized interview, interview with and of a politician.
This should not have been done! It shouldn't have been done that way.

It was not President ZE who spread hyper-optimism – it was the military who did it – they said that by the fall of 2023 they would seize Crimea, that by the end of 2023 they would end the War.

It is not President who cites absurd, over-optimistic statistics of Russian losses, giving the number of killed at least 120,000 more than the real one!

There is only one option: And-and
And President ZE, and General ZA!
This is the only way Ukraine will win.
And this will save Europe, this will save the West, this will also save Bulgaria.

If Ukraine loses this war, then disaster and grief for Bulgaria!



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