"2028" (ANTI-UTOPIA)

The year 2028 is extremely difficult for Bulgaria. The existence of the country is at stake.
In fact, everything bad started in 2026.
Then, Russian little green men arrive more and more often and in larger quantities in Varna, Burgas and other cities in Eastern Bulgaria. Pro-Russian forces, composed of aggressive and fanatical Bulgarians, led by Bulgarian angry and dangerous nationalist like KK and VS, unconditionally support these little green men who are literally everywhere.

Relatively small parts of the local population and practically all Russians and Russian-speakers, mainly owners of properties and enterprises in these two large Bulgarian cities and the adjacent resorts and settlements, at first timidly, and then more and more insistently want the integration of Bulgaria into the Russian Federation and rejection of the Euro-Atlanticism of Bulgarian foreign policy and joining the Russian-controlled structures of Euro-Asianism.
These protesters, multiplying like mushrooms after the rain, declare that they do not wish to repeat in our country the tragedy with the already non-existent state of Ukraine, which almost all (except for some western parts, united in a small and unviable Lviv Republic) after three years of brutal and bloody war was transformed into the Malorossiyskiy (Litlle/Small Russian) Federal District – part of the Russian Federation.
And the West?
The West is mired in its own contradictions and bureaucratic procedures, complacency and hedonism. Tired of Russia's long war against Ukraine (2022-2025), the West gradually stopped aid to the Ukrainian government in Kiev (because, you see, there was a lot of corruption there), and increased the pressure on the then president Zelensky to hold the new presidential elections.
The elections were held with massive violations and manipulations, with the frantic activation of the Russian FSB and with the sabotaging activities of the pro-Russian fifth column in Ukraine. In this "crazy election", this "feast during the plague", as the few remaining sane in Ukraine characterized it, the victory won AA, which immediately followed a course of rapprochement with Russia. After his tragic death under unclear circumstances, behind which the long arm of the Russian special services is visible, the Kremlin installed the former president Yanukovych at the head of Ukraine, which had admitted its defeat in the war. It was Yanukovych who signed Ukraine's accession to Russia as the the Malorossiyskiy (Litlle/Small Russian) Federal District. An act by which Ukraine legally and de facto terminated its existence as a sovereign and independent state.

In July 2026, at the height of the summer season, Russian military units invaded Eastern Bulgaria to protect the rights of Russians in Bulgaria, and the next day the so-called Varna and Burgas People's Republics with territories repeating one to one the regions of the same name, introduced into socialist Bulgaria during the administrative division of 1987.
President Putin categorically denied any Russian military aggression and repeatedly stated that he supports the sovereign will of the Bulgarian people from these two areas. After a month, in conditions of propaganda and physical terror, referendums were held, which voted for the accession of the so-called VPR and BPR to the Russian Federation.
The President of Bulgaria at that time, RR, in a special address to the people, stated that Bulgaria must accept the new realities, after all, the Russian flag flies over Varna and Burgas, and therefore they are already Russian.
The leader of the BSP VG said excitedly that although until yesterday she did not know whom Varna and Bergas belonged to, now she has to accept, and she accepts without hesitation, that they are already Russian.
Outraged Bulgarian citizens from all corners of the country came out indignantly to the "Independence" Square, spontaneously called Megdan (Bulgarian word for Maidan), demanding the resignation of the RR. The multi-thousand demonstrations, against which President RR ordered the use of armed force, resulting in the deaths of dozens of protesters, led to RR fleeing to Russia. In the new presidential elections held three months later, the democrat TT won the victory.
The newly elected President TT and Prime Minister ND categorically stated that they will never accept, under any pressure and under any conditions, to recognize the so-called VPR and BPR and will fight for their liberation from the occupation of the Russian boot.
At the end of 2026, the West proposed to adopt the "Territory vs. Peace" plan to settle the Russian-Bulgarian dispute (note - "dispute") launched by 104-year-old Henry Kissinger. Bulgaria, through its president and prime minister, decisively rejected this plan.
NATO issued several sharp declarations against Russia's occupation and annexation of Bulgarian territories, but decided not to intervene because "Western citizens did not want to die for Varna and Burgas".
In February 2027, President Putin announced the start of a Special Military Operation in Bulgaria. The main goal of this SMO is the de-nato-fication of Bulgaria and its liberation from the gang of drug addicts and kleptocrats who illegally seized power in the country. For the first month of the so-called SMO Russia occupies parts of Razgrad and Haskovo regions (it is about these areas according to the same territorial division in 1987).
A significant number of Bulgarians take part in the battles on the Russian side, because absolutely all men between the ages of 18 and 65 from the conquered territories of the so-called VPR and BPR were mobilized. The two "republics" have been practically cleansed of the male population, they are littered with the graves of Bulgarians who died during the hostilities and from the continuous artillery fire from the two warring parties. The male population of the Varna and Burgas regions has been turned, without exception, into cheap cannon fodder by Putin and his generals.
In May 2027, at a solemn meeting of the two chambers of the Russian Parliament – the Federation Council and the Duma – the amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation were unanimously approved at all readings, according to which the Varna, Burgas, Haskovo and Razgrad regions were joined to the Russian Federation as their territories are according to the administrative division of the People's Republic of Bulgaria from 1987. And that is on the condition that significant parts of Razgrad and Haskovo regions are not under Russian occupation, as well as the city of Haskovo itself! The Gauleiters of these four newly joined regions – KK, VS, AD and GG – are also present at the solemn ceremony in Moscow.
In September 2027, Bulgarian troops liberated the city of Razgrad, forcing the invaders to make a shameful escape from it.
In Razgrad and some other liberated cities – Silistra, Shumen, Kardzhali – shocking testimonies of atrocities of the occupiers were found – women of all ages were raped – from 8 to 88 years old, hundreds of men were shot in the head and their hands were tied behind their backs, museums, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, pharmacies and household goods were looted.
And so, the sad year 2028 begins.
The Bulgarians welcome it with great hopes for the start of their spring counteroffensive. Heavy battles are being fought for Ruse and Stara Zagora. Russian troops bombarded Pleven, Karlovo, Kazanlak with dozens of rockets, destroying monuments, memorials, museums and houses of Bulgarian revivalists and revolutionaries.
By the summer of this year, the War entered a trench phase – the situation became a stalemate. Neither Bulgaria nor Russia can achieve any major successes on the battlefield. The Bulgarians hope that the upcoming American presidential elections will put an end not only to the decisive influence of President Trump on the situation in global processes and regarding their War, but also to reduce the influence of the Trumpists in the Republican Party in order to unblock the suspended packages of financial aid for Bulgaria and to renew the supply of weapons and equipment to our country.
That part of the pro-democratic forces that voted for the BSP (former Communist party) to punish the democratic parties for wrong personnel decisions has already emigrated from Bulgaria and is streaming on YouTube from some European capitals.
The European Union is trying to help Bulgaria financially, despite the obstacles to this help, which are constantly raised by Hungary, Slovakia and Le Pen-led France.
Serbia has become a Russian vassal territory, where, at the sole insistence of Putin, Russia has exported some of its tactical nuclear weapons.
Romania is following a course of separatist negotiations with the Kremlin in order to receive a part of Moldova at the expense of active neutrality in relation to the War in Bulgaria.
At first glance, President Erdoğan balances between Moscow and Sofia, but emboldened by the successful accession of Taiwan to China, he does not hide his ambitions to take advantage of Bulgaria's dire situation and "take" Kardzhali and Smolyan, along with a significant part of the territories around them.
The famous Bulgarian politician and former prime minister of the country IK announced on BBC from London that if the government in Sofia falls under the pressure of the increasingly aggressive Russian troops and the two Bulgarian corps of former employees of the Bulgarian armed forces and special services that have joined them, then he will form a government in exile and head it. The main goal of this government will be the restoration of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bulgaria within the borders until 2025 and the expulsion of absolutely all Russian occupiers and the trial of their Bulgarian servants for the committed war crimes and their national treason.
According to IK, in the period 2022-2025 the democrats in Bulgaria recklessly underestimated the Russian danger. Under the pretext of preserving the democratic right to one's own opinion and to express all points of view, full freedom was given to nazist, fascist and rashist anti-democratic and terrorist forces in Bulgaria, and the discord and strife between the democrats facilitated the beginning of the collapse of the Bulgarian statehood and all this has led to a national tragedy and a direct and immediate danger to the very existence of our country.



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