I still hope that the West will not fail

Let's say it openly and frankly:
We are witnessing the first very disturbing negative signals that things in, about, with and around Ukraine are not going well.
And the reason is not that with thousands of corpses, Russia ends the war year 2023 with an offensive in separate places, and especially for some hills with waste from the mines near Avdeevka.
And the reason is not that - except for the thousands of dead and the destruction of villages and towns - there is (almost) nothing new on the Ukrainian front.
And the reason is not that North Korea has given Russia more missiles than the EU, and Iran has given Russia more drones than the US.
And the reason is not even the carnage on October 7 and what is to come in Gaza.
The reason is the West.
The reason is that the West is showing signs that it has played its part in supporting Ukraine and is getting tired and fed up.
The reason is that the West is no longer what it was and may not be able to become what it should be.
The reason is that, unlike the West, the bastards of the Pact of Evil - Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, Hamas and all the rest... - are much more united, more energetic, more determined, more motivated.
The reason is that a lack of Western leaders leads to a lack of Western leadership.
If the West doesn't wake up, pull itself together, stand up, mobilize, take control, then sunset awaits it. This time really sunset.
(And for us, in Bulgaria, darkness awaits us - with revanchism, violence, cruelty, brutality).
I hope, I still hope, that the West will not fail this exam, this test, because if it fails, it will fall apart, and the world will be ruled by putins, hamasses, ayatollahs and all the other fanatics...



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