So far, only a superficially stated thesis. Argumentation – some other time.

I always thought that the West had an alternative scenario for adapting to post-bipolar times, namely to become the North. Or at least the supporting structure of the North.

To clarify, the directions of the geopolitical compass are as follows:
The West is democratic countries.
The East is undemocratic countries.
The North is rich countries.
The South is poor countries.

A huge problem, the cause of the world's troubles, of today's world, is the hopelessness and marginalization of the expanding South.
And the depressed and failing, sinking East is to a large extent a consequence, an inevitable result of the processes taking place in the modern world.
The expanding South cannot help but become an even more weakening, sinking East.

Unfortunately (and only unfortunately?), the West is not able to maintain a stable balance with the South.
The West benefits from this global West-South asymmetry.
But such asymmetry is a self-fulfilling prophecy about the decline of the West.
The Rich Gets More model inevitably degenerates into the Winner Takes All model.

Becoming with the North (or at least becoming a supporting structure of the North), the West can already achieve the implementation of its civilizational mission as the leader of human civilization.
These days, the West-South asymmetry is apocalyptic.
The West is developing quantum computers and supernova technologies.
The South is mired in ignorance and despair.
These are absolute and absurd civilizational distances. More than the distance between the Future and the Past.

West-South asymmetry not only harms the West, not only makes it the culprit - in the eyes of the South - of all the ills and dramatic differences in the world today, but also deprives the West of trust and the tools to transform the world into a more manageable and more predictable one.
The confrontation between the West and the South introduces great uncertainty into global, continental, regional and national processes. And uncertainty is the mother of poorly managed and often unmanageable risks.

The relationship North-South has much more opportunities to attack not only and not so much the consequences of colossal problems, but to attack the problems themselves.
The law of life is this – in a stabilized and controlled world:
The West becomes more North OR the East becomes more South.
In North-South interaction, one can look for stabilizing solutions that heal the deep causes of chaos and anarchy in the modern world.

The alternative is sad and explosive. With her:
The North is becoming more West AND the East is becoming more South.
But in West-South interaction there are no good solutions, there is only confrontation, only escalation of tension arises.
And this is exactly what is happening today.
West-South is an apocalyptic, destructive, dangerous, catastrophic opposition.
There are no good solutions to such a confrontation. There are, first and foremost, conflicts of high, ultra-high intensity that can destroy our world.

The West is an exclusive association: it automatically excludes those who do not meet its original conditions of democracy.
This easily consolidates everyone else against him. Because the West is perceived as a closed, arrogant, self-righteous and selfish club.

The North is an inclusive union – it automatically includes those who manage to significantly improve their standard of living and become an attractive place to live for their citizens.

Poverty can all too temptingly easily become undemocratic: The South can easily become the East.
It is not particularly difficult for the West to become the North, i.e. a democratic country will gradually become a rich country.

The great drama of the world was that after 1945 its structure was built along a West-East axis. And this means separation along this axis. This division is confrontational and irreconcilable.
Such division is a path to nowhere, a dead end.
The West-East axis divides and opposes. She puts the cart before the horse. He ignores a number of countries for which democracy is too expensive a luxury.

The time has come to reformat and retransform global processes along the North-South axis.
Along this axis, the North can help the South move closer to the North. As it approaches the North, the South will also become the West.
Every South wants to become North. And having become the North, the South will also become the West.

The alternative today is for the South to remain the East. And while remaining the East, the South will want only one thing – to destroy the West.
This is what is starting to happen right now.
And there is a huge danger that this will actually happen.

To remain the West, the West must become the North.
Or at least the supporting structure of the North.



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