In Game Theory, there is one key game - "Who's the Coward?" the original name is "Chicken").
The model situation is the following - two people are driving trucks (cars, motorbikes) at high speed towards each other and the one who turns first and goes off the road is the Coward, he is the chicken.
Putin is currently playing this very strategic game.
The West is forced to play this game today as well. And the West plays it with constant signs of weakness - not to push Putin to the wall, not to force him to use nuclear weapons. In other words, the West is constantly signaling that it is ready to turn the wheel, to turn away from the confrontation with Putin.
That's why even a coward like Putin holds the strategic initiative, actually dictating the rules of the game of "Who's the coward?" and predetermining how it will be played.
Thus, the West puts itself in a vulnerable position, and this makes Putin even more extreme and more blackmailing, more and more, figuratively speaking, increasing the speed with which he goes against the West.
The game of "Who's the Coward?" is strategically played in escalation. In it, the winner is the one who decisively increases the speed and scares the other, that he will not deviate from his path for anything in the world.
The West's categorical refusal to fight for Ukraine allows Putin to think (and believe) that the West will not fight for other countries that are more peripheral to the West - Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria. In this order, and even Bulgaria before Moldova - they are the future objects of provocations and forceful impact by Putin. Do not hesitate or doubt - Bulgaria is an upcoming object of blackmail and assault by Putin.
So far, the West has consistently shown that it fears escalation.
This is a gross strategic error, this is strategic hen blindness!
On the contrary! The West should not only not be afraid of escalation, but it should seek this escalation and turn escalation into a strategy of its behavior!
Putin only understands force.
Putin fears only the power of the West.
Anything else that is different from the West's unconditional intention to escalate the conflict with Putin is understood by Putin as weakness, as lack of character, as limitless willingness to compromise and, in fact, as fear of the West.
The West has no moral justification for its behavior so far and has no other useful move than to decide on escalation in its confrontation with Putin!
In the game "Who is the coward?", the West must demonstrate to Putin clearly and categorically that it has no intention of turning, turning the wheel and its path is only forward!
Only then, in the game of "Who's the Coward?", will the West prove that Putin is the Coward.
The West's conflict with Putin can be de-escalated precisely by being escalated.
The West's winning strategy in this conflict is:
The West is called upon to take a bold and uncompromising step forward against a feigned rabid and insane Putin. Then, and only then, will the West make Putin turn the wheel. And give in.
Putin's strength is the West's fear.
The West's strength is Putin's fear.
Putin is the pathetic coward. And the world must be convinced that this is so.
There is no other alternative for the West if it wants to save Ukraine, Europe, itself and the world!
The West must go against Putin. In a way that only the West must and as only the West can.
This is the condition for Putin to be defeated. This is the only way a pathetic, vile, mentally ill, disgusting coward can be defeated - by showing him that the West is not afraid of him. There is no other solution. There was no. And there won't be.



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