A bone in the throat of Change. Once again about the counteroffensive against the Ukrainian counteroffensive

A new proof of my thesis that from everywhere - from the left and the right, from the West and from the East, a mass counter-offensive against the Ukrainian counter-offensive is starting is the article of
Richard Haass and Charles Kupchan
"The West Needs a New Strategy in Ukraine. A Plan for Getting From the Battlefield to the Negotiating Table"
in Foreign Affairs.

A huge part of the West is genuinely and anxiously scared of the possibility of Ukraine delivering a catastrophic blow to the racists and thus pinning Putin to the wall and backing him into a corner - something the West has feared since the very beginning of the War, even since 2014 and even from even earlier, from much earlier.
I am constantly alarmed by the growing counter-offensive against the Ukrainian counter-offensive. Almost all key factors in both the West and the East benefit from the current world order. Mainly because it is the West's deal with Putin's Russia - energy raw materials versus turning a blind eye to the Kremlin dictator's domestic politics.
The victorious Ukrainian counteroffensive will put a big and definite end to this current world order.

Haas and Kupchan are not random individuals.
The Council on Foreign Relations is not an accidental institution.
Foreign Affairs is not a casual publication.
All of them - together and separately - are relics of the Cold War, followers of the previous geopolitical model. They are part of Chamberlain's West.
This complacent, hedonistic, triumphalist and non-visionary Chamberlainian West continues to view Putin's War on Ukraine as an excess, as an anomaly. No, they are deeply mistaken. This War is the funeral knell of the previous exhausted world order.
And it's time for a new world order!
This new world order will be directed towards the Future and will give amazing new chances to human civilization only if Ukraine wins this War.
Haas, Kupchan and those like them in the West are children of the previous world order, they fear the Change. And they are a bone in her throat.



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