Putin is Russia's tumor

In recent years, primary, secondary and higher education in Russia has been militarized and indoctrinated. The young generation undergoes constant military training and is inspired with Great Russian chauvinism and praise of the genius Putin. It is systematically nurtured and prepared as cheap cannon fodder for Putin's insane goals.
And that's pretty fertile breeding ground for war-loving Russian-Imperial zombies!
A catastrophically large number of young people in Russia live in material poverty and spiritual misery. With alcoholic parents or themselves already damaged by alcohol, with pit toilets in the yard, without a bathroom and other sanitary facilities at home, functionally illiterate, deprived of a future and normal social realization, offended by the whole world and experiencing themselves as victims, blaming The West, NATO, the USA, Europe for their hopeless situation. These young people are the result of Putin's Timelessness. And they can turn into a dangerous incendiary mixture, capable of causing terrible fires and serious upheavals, including geopolitical ones.
Today, Russia is the sick man of Europe and Asia. Russia needs treatment. Russia’s tumor is Putin.



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