Diptych about the dirty war of rashism against Ukraine

My friend from Kharkiv:
- Having suffered defeat after defeat from our soldiers, the Russian aggressors are now at war with our civilians. They want to break us. Do you know what it's like to be without electricity, without light, without heating, without drinking water on November 1, 2022!? And to keep my 93-year-old mother alive, all this is damn necessary! Today I saw tears running down her old wrinkled face. And she once told me that she cried all her tears during the Great War, when her two brothers, sister and father did not return from the front. Even when dad was gone, she did not shed a tear, although she loved him very much. I asked her: Mom, why are you crying? And she: Because I will no longer be alive when Ukraine wins this war, and then I will not be able to rejoice for the last time ...

My Russian friends say almost the same thing:
The beginning of a severe psychological crisis can be seen with the naked eye in Russia.
Like an impenetrable smog, a super-anxious feeling of hopelessness is spreading through Russian society.
Increasingly, the unmistakable signs of a deepening depression and a growing sense that something is fundamentally wrong with our country can be seen on people's faces.
The war against Ukraine turns out to be a trigger for understanding how far certain processes in Russia have gone, and for the panicky realization that most of these processes are already irreversible...


Brief explanation:
These texts have been translated into English by me. They have not been read and edited by a native English speaker, nor by a professional translator. Therefore, all errors and ambiguities caused by the quality of the translation are solely mine. But I have been guided by the thought that the purpose of these texts is to show my opinion on a number of hot topics, and not to demonstrate excellent English, which, unfortunately, I cannot boast of.


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